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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 1st November 2017 Episode Written Update

Golu insists on Suha to play with him. Suha wasn’t ready to leave Shubh alone. Golu assk if he can’t take care of Shubh, he is here to play with Shubh. He holds the dummy baby in arms and tells her to go and get ready for office. They were mocking Dev and Sona.
Alena asks Rakhi if oil is hot enough, while she massages her leg. Sona comes with some oils for manicure to spend time with them. Rakhi was happy. She first apologizes Sona for all her ill behaviours and says she said to same to Alena as well; they both are the perfectly suited daughter in laws for this house. She gifts her a bangle. Sona wasn’t ready to accept but Rakhi insists. Sona recalls Rakhi was buying these when they went for shopping. Rakhi make Sona wear it with her own hands. Alena comes to

celebrate thier matching bangles.
In the school, Golu was concerned about getting good marks, to make his parents happy. Golu was determined to study well the next time. Suha notices another student using mobile in class. Golu also warns Mohit that its dangerous. Mohit was stubborn and leave the class, as its his cell phone. Golu follows him and snatches the cell phone. Mohit was determined to complete all the targets of the game, as he isn’t a loser. Golu recalls playing the game. Mohit calls them all losers. The teacher comes to scold the kids.
At home, Bejoy was angry at Aasha. Aasha asks the reason then lets it go. Bejoy was angry for putting him in such an awkward position in front of Ronita’s mother. Aasha argues he began this, she was ready to make Bejoy up. Then asks him to close his eyes. Bejoy was excited to get a gift. Aasha leaves the room. Bejoy opens the eyes, then wonders what if Aasha is now angry with him.
Sona and Dev sat with Shubh. She notices Dev is happy. Dev says he is always happy, and compliments Sona to look pretty. Sona says today she is happy to have married the best husband in the world. He is a very good human being. Dev didn’t believe she was saying all this. Sona tells him to check his phone, he will understand everything. Dev was astonished to see all the texts. Sona insists he has turned to the voice of people. Dev argues he knows nothing about parenting. Sona says people needs him.
The teacher scolds Mohit, Suha and Golu. A class mate holds Suha and Golu responsible, when the teacher scolds them the classmate says Golu was only stopping Mohit who brought a mobile in the class. The teacher now questions Mohit, she was apologetic to Golu and Suha. She sends both to their seats, while punishes Mohit. The teacher announces Suha got the highest marks in class. Golu got 8/10. Golu was excited.
At home, Sona asks Suha how was change in role difference to her. Initially she used to take care of her after office, and now Dev does. Suha honestly says she liked it a bit, but Dev can’t concentrate on their breakfast preparations, braid her hair and often get late while picking and dropping them. Sona asks what she liked about him? Suha says there are alot, he reduced the study burden, he took care of her when she was ill and always promote their sportsmanship. Sona stops her, Suha calls her jealous while they hug each other.

PRECAP: The family make Dev cut a cake for his successes. To everyone’s elation, Shubh speaks his first words

Update Credit to: Sona


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