The Episode starts with Naira showing boutique papers and says Naksh cares for Kirti. He gives her papers. She says visa application form. He says Kirti wants to go US, you got a paper from Naksh’s side, and I have a paper from Kirti’s side, it should be her decision. She says right, we should give the papers to her to decide, after all its her life. He says I know what you wanted to say, I don’t know her decision. They hear Manish shouting.

Manish says Naira, ask Naksh not to call Kirti. Naira says he is calling his wife, how can I stop him, he really cares for Kirti, he is not a bad guy, he has right to call his wife, Kirti will decide, we know he will never hurt her. Manish says he has already hurt her. Dadi says we have to give him a chance. Suwarna says we know his

intentions well. Dadi says we are doing a big mistake. Akhilesh says we decided after knowing Aditya’s truth. Dadi says Naira brought his truth out, she cared for Kirti’s happiness, why are we not trusting her now as its about her brother, its loss for both families. Naira says Kirti will decide now.

Naksh lies in Rajshri’s lap and cries. He says I tried a lot, Kirti is not answering, I want one chance to explain her my intention was not wrong. She says don’t lose courage, whatever problem comes in front of you. Naksh sees the Lord idol. Kartik and Naira come to Kirti. Kirti sees the visa application papers and also the boutique papers. Naira says don’t think we are pressurizing you, I wanted to show you so that you take right decision, just Naksh understoood you like designing dresses, Naksh didn’t ask me to show the papers to you, he is calling you repeatedly, maybe he wants to apologize. She sees Naksh’s call. She says you are free to decide, I m always with you. They go.

Naira says every love story is different, when you said you love me, I took time to understand, we have many misunderstandings, but ultimately love won, their story is also such, there is love, they are not able to see, you also try to see it, you will see, maybe this can affect our relation. Bhabhimaa says I won’t say Naksh did right, but he regrets a lot. Devyaani says we think we should find some solution. Dadi says I also want that. Bhabhimaa says we can apologize to Kirti. Dadi says no, everyone is upset here, if anyone says anything in anger, it won’t be right, Naira said we will not pressurize Kirti, we will pray she leaves thought of going US. Rajshri asks what, don’t let her go. Dadi says we all can pray that everything gets fine. Naksh hears this and worries. He leaves.

Kartik is on the way and says I left from office, I have much work at home. A man sells corn. Kartik buys corn. He comes home. He sees Naira and opens the door for her. She sits in the car and eats corn. She thanks him. He recalls their cute old moment. Jag ghoomeya…..plays…..

She says I never thought we will have such a phase where we will not be together despite being together. She goes. Devyaani asks Rajshri about Naksh. Rajshri says did he hear about Kirti’s US thing. Devyaani worries and calls Naira to ask about Naksh. Naira asks where did he go, did anyone say anything. She looks at Kartik. She says don’t worry, he will be fine, he will not lose, he won’t do anything that makes others worry.

Kirti recalls Naksh. Kids come to her and says Naksh is missing. She worries and goes out to see. Suwarna asks Naira not to be upset, Naksh will be fine. Servant says Naksh has come. Kartik sees Kirti. Naksh sees Manish, Dadi, Kartik and Naira. Manish asks why did you come here, did you come to create a new scene. Naksh says I want to meet Kirti once. Manish says she doesn’t want to talk to you, please go. Naira says you may have forgotten that Kirti will decide, if she wants to keep relation or not. Manish says I forgot he has many people to support him, but my decision is same. She says your anger didn’t get calm, so you are not able to see the pain in his eyes. Manish says I can see and understand.

Kartik says Naksh didn’t call media to create a scene, he wants to solve this calmly. Manish scolds Naksh for breaking Kirti’s heart. Kartik says calm down, one wrong action can spoil things. Manish says you think your wife and her brother are right, and your sister is wrong. Kartik says sometimes some words looks bad to listen than saying, we can’t take our spoken words back. He sees Naira.

Naira gets hiccups. Kartik gives her water. Yeh rishta kya…………plays……….

Update Credit to: Amena


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