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Chandra Nandini 2nd November 2017 Episode Written Update

Chandra/Bheemdev scolds Mohini for burning his body. Bheemdev says that he is stuck in Chandra’s body forever. Mohini tells him that he can become the King of Magadh and marry her and she will become queen.

Mohini says that they will not support Saunand anymore. Nandini sees everything. Chanakya reads about the black magic and thinks to find the solution. Nandini tells Chanakya that Bheemdev’s soul is in Chandra’s body and Mohini burnt Bheemdev’s body. Chanakya is shocked and says that it is very difficult to remove Bheemdev from Chandra’s body now that his body is no more. Chanakya fears that Bheemdev will create havoc being in Chandra’s body. Nandini says that she will put her life in danger to save Chandra.

Nandini says that she will control Chandra through his heart. Chanakya gives Nandini a thread and asks her tie it so that Bheemdev and Mohini cannot enter her body. Chandra destroys everything as he is angry with Mohini for burning his body. Nandini thinks not to tell anyone about the problem as yet. Nandini scolds Chandra for destroying everything. Nandini tells Chandra that she does not know her own identity. Nandini says that she was a simpleton before but now she has got jewelry and good clothes and she is used to this luxury.

Nandini begs Chandra not to make her away from this luxury. Bheemdev thinks that it is good that he is stuck in Chandra’s body and will lead his life as a king. Chandra tells Nandini that he will always be with her and hugs her. Nandini thinks to trap Bheemdev. Helena wonders why Bindusar has not taken any action against Dharam after knowing about the priest’s prediction. Mohini comes there and tells Helena that this room is hers now and she has all her rights too. Helena is distressed. Mohini asks Helena to get out of her room. Dharma thinks about priest’s prediction. Dharma thinks that Bindusar and she are not living like husband and wife so it is not possible for them to have children. Bindusar is injured and Dharam worries for him but Bindusar asks her to stay away. Bindusar blames Dharma and Nandini for trying to trap him and his father. Bindusar tells Dharma that he will throw her out. Helena confronts Chandra about giving her position to Mohini. Chandra walks away silently. Mohini comes to the courtroom and gets happy touching the throne. Mohini sits on the throne. Chandra comes there and scolds Mohini for sitting on the throne. Chandra pushes Mohini and she gets angry. Helena is also there so Mohini controls her angry. Chandra warns to send Mohini to jail. Mohini tells Chandra that she will expose his truth. Chandra slits Mohini’s neck and the blood gets splashed on Helena’s face. Chandra warns Helena never to go against him. Nandini sees Bindusar dragging Dharma out and tries to stop him. Bindusar tells Nandini not to interfere. Dharma asks Bindusar not to insult her mother. Bindusar asks Dharam to confront her mother whether she was trying to trap Chandra. Nandini is speechless. Nandini admits to Bindusar’s words. Nandini says that Chandra is behaving strangely and therefore she is doing all this to control the situation. Bindusar refuses to believe Nandini. Nandini tells Bindusar that she is not supposed to tell him the truth but she is revealing that Chandra has been possessed by Bheemdev’s soul. Bindusar starts laughing and does not believe her. Chanakya talks to a baba about the problem and seeks a solution.

Precap: Bindusar tells Nandini that he will stay outside the room incase Bheemdev attacks her. Chandra talks rudely with Nandini. Nandini tells Chanakya that Chandra has been possessed by Bheemdev as well as Mohini’s soul.


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