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Ek Deewana Tha: Shiv Makes His Entry!

Ek Deewana Tha has started on a good note for the channel. The horror cum love story has been a gripping one for the viewers. The series is all set to witness its first maha episode.
The maha episode is going to be a blasting one. A source close to the show shared, in the big episode that will run for an hour, the face of the spirit will be revealed. Shiv played by Namik Paul, is a ghost that has been haunting Sharanya since the inception of the first episode. Donal Bisht’s character Sharanya is unaware of the reason behind all the paranormal activities that are happening with her off late.

In tomorrow’s episode i.e 3 November, Sharanya will head to a party. In the same party she’ll be accompanied by Vyohm played by Vikram Singh Chauhan. The love birds in the show, Vyohm and Sharanya will get cozy while dancing. “In the party the couple will get close and this will not go dowb well with Shiv’s spirit. He can’t bear to see Sharanya getting close to any other man,” a little birdie shares. Consequently, bells will start ringing and the sound will reach a crescendo, that’s when Shiv will appear in front of everyone. For the first time along with the viewers, Sharanya will also get to see Namik’s face. “This one will be an intriguing episode of the show,” whispers claim.

Not just this, we have also heard that post the maha-episode, Sharanya will go out for hunting the ghost and try to figure out why has it been haunting her. The episodes to be aired in the next week will see Sharanya going out and hunting Shiv’s spirit and the reality behind it.


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