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Kuch Rang Pyar Ki Aise Bhi 2nd November 2017 Episode Written Update; All are Proud of Dev

Suha tells Sona that Dev is super man only because she is with him. They hug each other.
Ronita brings ‘Loki ka raita’ to the lunch table. Bejoy asks about Shorabh but Ronita says he will be here after putting Mishti to sleep. He considers it as his responsibility as well.
Dev was irritated by calls from radio station. Ishwari comes there and insists on him to agree doing a show on radio. Dev asks who would take care of kids. Ishwari takes another call, she places a demand to arrange day care for his children when he comes for the show. Dev was offensive that Ishwari was teasing him, Ishwari calmly explains she is proud of him; he got a great chance to bring change in the society.
The next day, Dev comes to radiostation and conduct his first show. He places

a question by Suha in the beginning of his show, ‘why are there only female teachers in their schools? He pays a tribute to position and respect of a teacher’. Shubh makes some disturbances but he handles him alongside while taking callers.
While Vicky drops the kids to school they wanted to salute their teachers, and thanks Vicky as well for teaching them alot by a father and friend. Vicky hugs them and sends them inside. Two fathers coming out of school show thier will to be super dads inspired by Dev.
Ishwari and Rakhi sat with some friend ladies when Dev’s interview was being telecasted on television. Dev shows determination to continue help bring change in the society’s thinking. After the interview, the ladies compliment Dev to be the best son.
Bejoy says Dev is the best man, everyone in the family boast about their relation with him. Ronita and Shorabh argue to get Mishti ready to leave for Dev’s house. Aasha tells them to get ready themselves, she will prepare Mishti herself.
Sona finds Vicky on a business call. He wanted an employee to achieve his target this time. He explains to Sona its quarter end and high pressure time. Sona appreciates his efforts and calls him outside.
Dev notices everyone at home watching the episode and asks how many times she will see the episode. Ishwari says she will watch it ten times a day. Suha brings a cake for celebrations of his success, the family claps. As Dev cuts the cake, Shubh speaks his first words. Everyone was astonished. Sona cheerfully runs to her. Mama ji announces its a day of great happiness. Dev also cheerfully play with him.

Update Credit to: Sona


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