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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd November 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Kartik requesting Manish to let Kirti take the decision. Manish says Kirti said she doesn’t want to meet Naksh, anyone can support him, but I will not forgive him, he will not argue now. He asks Naksh to just leave. He asks guards to shut the gate. Bhabhimaa says I won’t have medicine till I know about Naksh and Kirti. Rajshri says Naksh is trying to convince her, have medicine. Bhabhima says what will I answer Naitik, Naksh didn’t do big mistake. Rajshri and Devyaani ask her to have hope, Naira will manage everything.

Naira gets hiccups. Kartik gives her water. Koi bhi kuch bhi….plays… Naira thinks you are close and still away, you have hurt my heart a lot. He thinks how to say I love you a lot. Its morning, Kartik goes in lawn. He

sees Naksh sitting upset. He recalls when he tried to convince Naira and sat outside her house all night. Naksh comes to him. He says please make me meet Kirti, I want to meet her, I can’t live without her, I want to talk to her, I have learnt her importance in my life, I beg you. Kartik hugs him.

Naira talks to Rajshri on call. She says I have to make Naksh and Kirti meet once. Kartik comes. He stops her. He says we should make them meet once, then whatever their decision, its fine, did you think anyting. She says no, we will sit together. Manish looks on.

Kirti hears Naksh’s voice and gets up. She sees him live on the screen. Naksh says thanks for coming in my life, sorry for hurting your heart, you have filled love in my life, I just want a chance. Naira shows the marriage video. Kirti cries. Everyone comes. Kartik says Naksh will wait for you at the park. Manish says if you say, I can come along to drop you there. Kirti goes. Naira says we know your anger was right, but you supported us, thanks. Manish says I should thank you, I lost ability to think, I got it back after talking to you, I was annoyed with Naksh as he has hurt Kirti’s heart, when I saw Kirti not signing visa papers, I thought we are wrong, it should be Kirti’s decision. Kartik says we will just make them fate, decision will be of them, its their fate. Rajshri and Devyaani pray for Naksh.

Naksh, Naira and Kartik wait in the park. Kartik says its time for park closure, Naksh we should go. Naksh refuses to go. Akhilesh tells Dadi that Kirti is still in her room. Dadi and Manish worry. Naksh turns and says I heard Kirti. Kartik says she is not here. Naksh says no, I felt she is in problem, she is calling me. He runs. Kartik asks him to stop, he will fall in trouble. They run to stop Naksh. Naira falls. Kartik holds her. They hold hands and run to stop Naksh. Naksh looks for Kirti. Kartik says Kirti is not here. Naira says either Kirti can come here, or Naksh is missing her a lot. Kartik says why will Kirti come here. Naksh says I heard her, please listen to me. They all hear Kirti calling Naksh. They get shocked.

Naksh runs to see. They all follow. They get shocked seeing some goons troubling Kirti. Kirti cries. Naksh and Kartik angrily run and beat up the goons. Naira also beats the goons. The goons run away when parkr guards come. Kartik asks Kirti is she fine. Naksh sees Kirti. Kirti runs and hugs him. They cry. Naksh says sorry, I have hurt your heart, I cheated you. Kirti says no, I didn’t trust you. He says I couldn’t trust you, else I would have told you truth, I was afraid you will break relation. Naira says its strong relations which becomes support in storms. Naksh and Kirti sort the differences. Naksh says I did wrong with you two also, you both got away because of me, sorry. Naira says no. Kartik hugs him. They cry. Kartik says I should apologize to you, I misbehaved with you. Naksh says it was your concern for Kirti, I promise nothing such will happen again. They shake hands. Kartik gives Kirti’s hand to Naksh. He wishes them all the best. He asks Naksh to keep Kirti happy.

Manish, Dadi, Suwarna and Akhilesh come there. They get happy seeing Naksh and Kirti. Dadi and Suwarna hug Kirti. Manish hugs Naksh. Dadi says we shall go home now. Naksh asks can I take my wife home. Manish says sure, if you say we all will come to drop her. Naksh and Kirti hold hands and leave. They all wave them. Naira comes to her room. She sees I love you, hearts balloons, roses and pictures and lights. Music plays….. Kartik comes and smiles.

Naira says you didn’t come to take me, this is ego, ego is like termite for love, it has eaten up our relation, please leave Kartik. He cries.

Update Credit to: Amena


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