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Zindagi Ki Mehak 3rd November 2017 Episode Written Update; Shaurya Comes Face 2 Face with Mehak

Scene 1
Mahek runs from her room and comes to wedding venue. She runs inside crying and comes infront of mandap, all turn to look at her, Shaurya is stunned to see her. Shaurya says Mahek? Mansi says our Mahek is alive. Mahek cries and says please save my kid, he is trapped there, please save my Neev. Karona is shocked to see her and faints. Mahek is hysteric and cries pleading anyone to help her. Mandhar and Banwari comes there. Mandhar grabs her hand and says come with me, he tries to drag her forcefully, Shaurya gets angry seeing it, he throws away his turban and pushes Mandhar away from Mahek, he says Mahek? inhaler falls from Mandhar’s pocket, Mahek takes it and runs away, Shaurya runs behind her.
Kanta is talking to Mohit on call, Jeevan calls her. Kanta takes call and says I told

you to not inform me about wedding, Jeevan tells her about Mahek, Kanta is shocked and runs from there.
Mahek comes to her room, Neev is unconscious, she gives him inhaler and says mom is here, you are goin to be fine, Neev wakes up, Mahek hugs him and cries. Banwari and Julie comes there. Juilie says some storm is coming, we shouldnt be here. Shaurya shouts for Mahek outside room. Mahek recalls how Archie said to never come infront of Shaurya, she thinks that she shouldnt have come infront of Shaurya.
Outside Mahek’s room, Mandhar stops Shaurya from going in room, Shaurya says move away from me. All family members come there too. Mandhar says get lost from here. Shaurya grabs his neck and strangles him, Mandhar pushes him away and takes dagger, he says move away, nobody can come near, Jeevan says give us our Mahek. Mandhar says she i Vandana, I will cut throats if anyone tries to come near. Shaurya comes near him and throws him to ground, he beats Mandhar and says cut my throat. Archie says let him. Inside room, Julie asks Banwari to stop them. Mahek says no let me go. Mahek comes outside room, she asks to stop it. All are in shock to see her. Shaurya looks at her and is frozen at his place. Shaurya gets teary eyed and starts approaching her, Mahek is unable to look away from him. Shaurya comes to her and falls to his knees infront of her, she is stunned. Shaurya holds her hand, Mahek is tensed. Shaurya caresses her hands that are wounded from being tied, Shaurya kisses her hands, he keeps kissing them, Mahek is uncomfortable and jerks her hands away. She looks around. Shaurya stands up and looks in her eyes, he caresses her face and smiles through his tears. Mahek tries to say something but cant. Shaurya pulls her and hugs her tightly, Shaurya says I cant believe you are back. Mahek pushes him away and says what are you doing? I am not Mahek, my name is Vandana. Shaurya pulls her back and hugs her again. Neev comes there and says what happened Maa? Mahek pushes Shaurya away and hugs Neev. Jeevan says Maa? Shaurya says Mahek? Mandhar wakes up and pushes Shaurya away from Mahek. Vicky grabs his collar and says how dare you touch my brother? Mandhar says how dare he touch my wife? she is Vandana, not Mahek. Kanta comes there and is stunned to see Mahek? she cries and says Mahek? where did you go? Mandhar pushes Kanta away. Ravi shouts at him.Mandhar says this is Vandana my wife and this kid’s mother, if you come near then I will cut them and then cut this Vandana, he pushes Neev and Mahek in room and locks door. Shaurya knocks door and says open it, Archie says what madness is this? Shaurya says leave me alone, she says hear me out.
Inside Mahek’s room, Mandhar says to family that we are leaving right now, pack bags.
Archie says to Shaurya that if she is Mahek then why they are calling her Vandana? why she has a kid? why she is not recognizing you? Jeevan says if she was Mahek then she would have talked to us. Dolly says if she was Mahek then she wouldnt have let this happen, there is something wrong, Ravi says we should go and think. All leave silently. Kanta doesnt leave and eyes Mahek’s room, she is tears and breakdowns outside her room, she thinks thank God you protected our Mahek and sent to us.

Shaurya says to family that she is Mahek, I dont know how this happened but I know she is Mahek and I will prove it. Archie says she might be Mahek but we need to calm down to think and figure it out. Shaurya says nobody is going to separate me from my Mahek, the one who is not with me today is not my supporter, Ravi says we are with you. Archie thinks I have to do something about Mahek.

Mandhar strangles Mahek and says why were you roaming outside room? Julie says dont know what this drama is. Mahek says I know what this is about, I look like Shaurya’s dead wife. She shows Mahek and Shaurya’s picture to Mandhar. Mandhar, Banwari and Julie are shocked. Mahek says thats why I wanted to be away from them, if you didnt lock me here and Neev didnt faint then i wouldnt have come out to them. Banwari says it means they are? Mandhar says we have to leave right now. He lifts Mahek to his shoulder and drags them out of room. Kanta is there and says she is my Mahek. Kanta says to Julie and Banwari that this is Mahek, you cant lie, you know it. Mandhar says your Mahek is dead, he brings them to car. Mahek says to Kanta that I am sorry but I am not Mahek, I am Vandana and he is my husband Mandhar. Mandhar makes his family and Mahek sit in car and starts leaving Shaurya’s house. Kanta comes infront of car and says please dont leave, Mandhar says oldie move away, he starts car. Kanta screams Shaurya! Shaurya hears her and starts running out of house. He stumbles and runs to garden. Mandhar starts to drive but Shaurya comes infront of car and stops it with his foot on bonnet. All look on.

PRECAP- Shaurya tries to drag Mahek in house, she pushes him away and says with which right you are dragging me with you? Shaurya says tomorrow I will get your DNA test done and then everything will be proved.
Archie says to Mahek that Shaurya used to love Mahek a lot and he will prove at any cost that you are Mahek in DNA test so do what I am suggesting, Mahek asks what? Archie says runaway from here. Mahek looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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