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Ishqbaaz 6th November 2017 Episode Written Update

Ishqbaaz 6th November 2017 Episode starts with Rudra saying he will come out of pool only if Shivaay and Omkara go with him to Goa. Anika and Gauri allow Shivaay and Omkara to go with Rudra and push them in the pool.

ShivOmRu leave for Goa, Pinky’s sister shows pictures of girls wearing short dresses to Anika and Gauri saying such girls are there in Goa. Some time back… Rudra enters the dark room in the upset mood, Dadi sees him and gets worried as Rudra is crying. Rudra says as Shivaay and Omkara have gone away from him, he is upset. There is no place in their heart for him. Dadi tries to make Rudra understand that Shivaay and Omkara are married.

Rudra says he knows everything but he doesn’t want to understand it. Rudra shares his childhood memories with Dadi. Dadi says Rudra also will get married one day, Rudra says he doesn’t want to get married. And even if he gets married, his brothers will always remain more important to him than the wife. Dadi consoles Rudra and tells him that Anika and Gauri will not take Shivaay and Omkara away but they will bring ShivOmRu close. Dadi tells Rudra to make a drama so that nobody will close the door for him again.

In the morning, Rudra screams, Anika, Shivaay, Omkara, and Gauri get up with shock. They gather near the pool and get shocked to see Rudra standing in the pool, Dadi tells them about no one opening the door for Rudra on the previous night. Rudra makes drama, Omkara, and Shivaay scold him. Anika stops Rudra, Anika and Gauri scold Shivaay and Omkara. Rudra says he has a condition for coming out of the water, Rudra says he will come out of the water, only if Shivaay and Omkara agree to go for Goa Music Festival with him. Anika and Gauri tell Shivaay and Omkara to go to Goa. Anika and Gauri push Shivaay and Omkara in the pool. Shivaay, Omkara, and Rudra happily play in the water, girls and Dadi watch them happily. Pinky’s cousin Dinky enters, Pinky says Dinky is betrayed in love and hence she has called Dinky to stay in Oberoi Mansion for some days. Dinky says men are not to be trusted, Anika disagrees with her, Dadi supports her. Anika and Gauri pack Shivaay and Omkara’s bags and say bye as Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra leave for Goa. Dinky tries to instigate Anika and Gauri against Shivaay and Omkara. Gauri and Anika defend their husbands. Dinky keeps on talking about the infidelity of men and talks about Tej and Svetlana. Anika and Gauri stop Dinky from speaking against Shivaay and Omkara and walk off. Dinky thinks that she will break Anika and Gauri’s trust on Shivaay and Omkara. Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra travel to Goa in their car. Anika and Gauri worry about Shivaay and Omkara, Dinky comes and tries to instigate again. Dinky asks Anika and Gauri if they have gone to Goa, Anika and Gauri say no, Dinky shows the girls in small clothes roaming in Goa. Anika and Gauri appreciate the pictures shown by Dinky, Dinky gets surprised and speaks against Shivaay and Omkara. Rudra gets excited about the Goa trip, Shivaay and Omkara think of calling Anika and Gauri, Rudra tries to stop them. Anika and Gauri show the phones to Dinky. Dinky gets angry. Shivika and Rikara talk, Shivaay and Omkara tell Anika and Gauri that they will never break the trust between them. Rudra gets annoyed. Anika tells Shivaay that since Rudra is with Shivaay, nobody will notice Shivaay, Shivaay gets annoyed.


Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra give lift to a girl, Dinky tells Anika and Gauri that the boys are upto some mischief, Anika and Gauri refuse to believe Dinky. Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra wake up with shock in a dark room.


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