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Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 6th November 2017 Episode Written Update;Tanuja Rishi on Romantic Date

The Episode starts with Maasi and Beeji talking about reading scary novels. Rano hears them and thinks don’t know when they will leave, thinks she has separated Tanuja and Rishi and fears that they might unite. Tanuja comes to terrace. Rishi asks if Natasha slept? Tanuja says yes. She tells that she has come here as she is here for few days and don’t want to fight with him. Rishi says you already loves me and there is no space for more love. He makes her have food with her hand. Tanuja also makes her have something. She says if she don’t have come. Rishi says then also he would have eaten with her hand. She says food is good. Rishi says he made it. He holds her dupatta. Tanuja says she knows that he haven’t held it.

Rishi makes her wear jhumkas…..tere bina plays….He makes her see in

the mirror. She gets emotional and cries. He asks what happened? She says she didn’t want to feel his love and wants to keep herself away from him, she says you know that I can’t be yours, then why you are doing this. Rishi says you loves me very much. When you are not near me, I miss you and vice versa. He says you took me out of your life, but can’t take me out from your heart, you was always mine. Abhishek asks Ahana if she saw Tanuja. Ahana says she is in her room and they were having sister’s talk. Abhishek says he thought something else. Ahana says this is also her house. Abhishek says past was this and future is going to be something else. He asks her not to cry. They have an emotional talk. Rishi prays that she never gets pain and stays happily with long life. Tanuja cries.

She says she thought he is happy in his new life. Rishi says he was dead without her and missed her all the time, wished to see her once and hopes that she will return. He says he just loved her. Tanuja gets emotional and hugs him. Manpreet sees Abhishek and thinks he might disturb Rishi and Tanuja. He acts to have back pain and asks to massage. Abhishek is surprised. Manpreet says don’t know where is his Ahana? Abhishek tells that Ahana is with Tanuja. Manpreet is hopeful about Rishi and Tanuja.

Ahana comes to terrace in the morning to keep achhar bottle and see Tanuja and Rishi sleeping sitting on bench. They wake up. Ahana is surprised and says good morning. Tanuja goes. Rishi thinks it is a new morning for them.

Rishi tells Tanuja that whenever he is talking to Abhishek, she shields him. Tanuja tells him that Natasha or she is not his family. Rishi is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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