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Chandra Nandini 7th November 2017 Episode Written Update

Chandra gets welcomed in the courtroom. Chandra asks Nandini if she is ready. Chandra says that the men have always been praised but today a woman will get felicitated. Chandra announces Nandini’s name and talks about her bravery.

Nandini stands beside Chandra and Chandra thanks Nandini. Chandra announces Nandini as the news chief queen. Bindusar get furious. Chandra makes Nandini wear the crown. Flashback shows that Helena told Chandra that he should make Nandini the chief queen. Nandini refuses for it but Helena convinces Chandra for it. Flashback ends. Bindusar stops Chandra and says that he will not allow him to make Nandini the chief queen. Bindusar says that Nandini is the daughter of their biggest enemy Nand. Chandra says that Nandini has made many sacrifices for them and had also asked him to make Bindusar the Yuvraj.

Bindusar says that he no longer wants to be the Yuvraj. Bindusar is about to leave and Chandra asks Bindusar to beware. Later, Helena tells Adonis and Elis that she will create a big fight between Chandra and Bindusar. Helena says that Chandra and Bindusar will kill each other and she will rule over Magadh. Dharma confronts Bindusar and Bindusar says that Chandra is still crazy and is blinded in love. Bindusar says that Nandini is taking revenge from him. Dharma tells Bindusar that he is mistaken.

Bindusar says that many years back Nandini fell off the cliff and he tried to save her but then he left her hand as he remembered that she had killed his mother. Dharma is shocked and says that he threw Nandini off the cliff. Bindusar tells Dharma that she can go and tell Chandra this truth and he will see his reaction. Chandra tells Nandini that Bindusar is continuously making mistakes. Nandini says that she has to be blamed for it as Chandra only thought about her in her absence and never paid any attention to Bindusar in his growing up years. Chandra agrees to Nandini and admits that he is at fault. Chandra says that he will bring Bindusar on the right path. Chandra is also ready to seek forgiveness from Bindusar. Helena sees Bindusar awake late in the night and confronts him. Bindusar is angry with Chandra for giving chief queen position to Nandini. Helena tells Bindusar that she does not care for the position and she only cares for him. Helena instigates Bindusar against Nandini. Helena says that Chandra and Nandini’s son will take his place as the next king. Bindusar promises Helena that he will give back her position to her. Bindusar is ready to go against Chandra. Helena does drama and says she does not want anything as only he is important for her. Bindusar tells Helena that she always took care of him and now he will return her respect to her. Helena thinks that this is what she wants. Helena thinks that she will sacrifice Bindusar. Next day, Chanakya tells Chandra that they will complete their unfinished task of uniting the country now that Nandini has returned. Nandini says that they should take Bindusar’s opinion too. Chandra says that Bindusar is always drunk and he wants to keep him away from important decisions. Chanakya also agrees. Later, Chandra asks Nandini to hug him and is about to kiss Nandini but suddenly some bees come there and Chandra gets scared. Chandra and Nandini share cute and comic moments because of the bees. Chandra and Nandini share romantic moments.

Precap: Chanakya tells Nandini that Helena has some evil plans in her mind and she should start thinking like her. Nandini tells Helena that he and Chandra’s marriage was just a compromise. Helena tries to slap Nandini but Nandini holds her hand. Nandini slaps Helena.


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