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Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 7th November 2017 Episode Written Update; Abhi & Rishi Argue

The Episode starts with Beeji and Maasi seeing Ladoo’s premiere. Maasi says she is Veer pur ki mardani. Beeji says now she is fighting for woman’s respect and safety. Ahana comes there and promotes the show. Maasi says she will watch the show surely. Tanuja comes to room and sees Abhishek sleeping with Natasha. He asks how was the night and says she might be feeling guilty. He says she might have rekindled her love and tells that he slept here with Natasha. He tells that Ahana told him that you were in her room. She asks when we will go home. Tanuja says when you say. Abhishek gets happy.

Ahana tells Manpreet that they saw them together on the terrace. Manpreet gets happy. Abhishek hears them and is shocked. Manpreet says Rishi will bring Tanuja and Natasha back. Ahana says it is good. Abhishek

comes to Rishi’s room and asks why is he dreaming about Tanuja. Rishi says Tanuja is his and he will not give her to him in any birth and says she is my love. Abhishek asks what kind of love and says you got engaged with someone else right infront of her and kicked her out of house. Rishi asks him not to talk about past and tells that their love is since births. Abhishek says you are acting to get custody case and using a child. Rishi gets angry. Tanuja calls Abhishek and asks him to come for Natasha’s school PTM. Abhishek says he will come. Rishi says I will come, as I am her father.

Tanuja says nobody knows about you in school, and knows only about Natasha. She goes. Abhishek asks Rishi to hit on his face. Rishi goes to Tanuja and tells that they will have a new beginning now. Tanuja tells him that it is not easy and tells that what Natasha will feel or tell to her friends. She says everything will think me characterless. Rishi says they will change her school. Tanuja says she will not give her Natasha. Abhishek says she will stay with us. Rishi warns Abhishek and asks him not to tell anything. Abhishek says he will tell. Rishi says he is a stranger man. Tanuja says he is very close to him and tells that she met him when she was alone and he has a special father’s relation with Natasha. Rishi says I am grateful to him for that. Tanuja says Abhishek loves Natasha more than him, as his love is 7 years more than him. Abhishek says he will get ready to go to school. Tanuja says sorry to Rishi.

Rishi asks if everything whatever you said will change. Tanuja says she said right, but the way was wrong….she asks him to respect her words. Rishi asks her to just leave. Tanuja says she can understand that he is angry. Rishi says you are just his caretaker and he is your boss, but he is a stranger. He says I can see that he started loving you. Tanuja asks him to stop it. She says you are doubting my character. Rishi says you are my Tanuja, one in millions and tells that stranger man is loving her. Tanuja asks him to stop it. Rishi says Abhishek gets jealous seeing us. Tanuja says you flirted with girls and thought other guys also like that. Rishi asks what she meant? Tanuja says you met girls, roams with them and then…She takes Neha, Mallika, Netra’s name. He then asks how did she know that he was engaged to Neha. Tanuja says Ahana told me about Tanu. Rishi says it was all bakwas, I just loved you….you are my destiny, family and world and that Abhishek is trying to snatch my world. Tanuja says Abhishek is not doing anything and tells that she is not his family.

Tanuja comes to Rishi and hugs him. Rishi smiles. Maasi see them from car while going from there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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