The Episode starts with Kartik calling someone and asking to come on time. Everyone discuss. Dadi says we can just keep havan. Suwarna says we can help Kartik in planning, Naira gets happy by such small things. Dadi says if we didn’t celebrate your and Surekha’s birthday, why to celebrate Naira’s, just men celebrate birthday in our house. Manish agrees with Dadi. Lav and Kush say we will celebrate. Suwarna smiles. Kartik comes and says I have a nice idea, I can’t tell now, else Naira will listen, she is very smart.

Naira asks for family members. Servant says Suwarna is at home. Servant argues with Aryan and doesn’t let him send his courier. Naira takes the envelop and says I will send it. Aryan thanks her. He says don’t know why everyone stays annoyed with me, how

did Kartik get my pic, explain him, else he will fire me, I need this job. He goes. She says he is so stupid, he has put tape on the receiver name. She asks servant to tell Aryan to write his dad’s name again and send it. Suwarna writes her brother’s address and talks to him on call. She says don’t call him my son, I just have one son Kartik. Naira comes and asks her to help in deciding dress. Suwarna says we will call designer. Naira asks what theme will I say, do you any idea of Kartik’s planning. Suwarna smiles and says I won’t say. Naira says please tell me. Suwarna says Kartik said you are smart, he didn’t share anything with us. Naira says you are bad to take his side.

Suwarna picks envelop and says lawyer has sent papers. She keeps it. She says I will call designer. Naira says no, we will see what I have. Kartik comes to room and gets scared seeing Naira applying face mask. She says its my birthday, I have to look special. She says don’t step on my clothes. He falls. He asks don’t you know what you are going to wear, wear everything for every hour. She says I was also thinking the same. He says no man can understand this complicated problem, get lemon juice for me, I will faint. He laughs. She says don’t joke, I forgot celebrating birthday in ashram, Papa would have done everything, but…. Kartik jumps to her and does tar tar. He hugs her. He wipes the face pack and compliments her. Chukar gai…..plays… He gives her a dress. She changes and comes. He gets mesmerized seeing her. They romance. He takes her downstairs. She asks what’s the surprise. He shows her the decorations, and Singhanis on video call. He asks does anyone know about surprise. Kartik and everyone wish Naira happy birthday. She asks what’s the surprise. He calls everyone. She gets shocked seeing Pungi and ashram kids.

Naira gets happy. She meets Pungi and hugs. She asks everyone to come and meet. Naira says they are very special to me, they were my family. Kartik says they got a special cake for you. Dadi says we are fine here. The kids sing the birthday song. Even singhanias sing on video call. Kartik asks Naira to make a wish. Naira says there was a rule in ashram, everyone used to blow candle together. They all join Naira and make a wish. Naira cuts the cake and feeds Kartik. Surekha worries when Lav and Kush eat the cake. Naira looks on. Kartik says they are strong boys. Dadi says I don’t eat sweets. Manish says I had brush teeth, we will have it tomorrow. Kartik says they didn’t have any fun, go and burst the balloons. Kids run. Dadi says Kartik doesn’t listen, maybe Naira told him she wants to meet kids. Surekha says yes, we just had to see this, my children are also behaving such, I can’t take this. Naira thanks Kartik for making them feel comfortable. Dadi and Manish see kids jumping on sofas and running around. Dadi says they are kids, make them sleep, they have travelled, they would be tired. Kartik and Naira ask them to come. Surekha stops Lav and Kush. She sends them to room. Surekha says this will happen even tomorrow.

Pandit falls down and says I will not do puja here. Dadi scolds Naira for the big abshagun done by kids. She asks how will puja happen now.

Update Credit to: Amena


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