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Chandra Nandini 8th November 2017 Episode Written Update

Dharma sees someone inside a trunk trying to come out. Dharma sees Chandra and Nandini inside the trunk. Dharma is embarrassed. Nandini says that they hid inside being scared of a bee. A man informs Chandra that the horse he had chosen for the yagya event has been stolen.

Chandra gets angry. Bindusar suddenly enters riding the horse. Bindusar challenges Chandra to fight with him. Bindusar asks Chandra whether he is scared of him. Nandini scolds Bindusar for being drunk and talking rubbish with Chandra. Chandra gets angry and raises his sword on Bindusar but Nandini comes in the way and saves Bindusar. Chandra asks Nandini to move aside. Bindusar tells Chandra that he would have stricken him with a sword if he was not his father. Chandra and Bindusar leave.

Helena tells Nandini that their family is falling apart. Nandini tells Helena that no one apart from them knew about the yagya then how come Bindusar came to know about this. Helena asks Nandini whether she is doubting her. Nandini says she is not doubting her but she will not spare the culprit. Helena admits that she wants to create a fight between Chandra and Bindusar. Nandini tells Helena that her and Chandra’s marriage is just a compromise. Helena is about to slap Nandini put Nandini stops her and slaps her instead.

Nandini warns Helena that she will never let her evil plans get completed. Nandini meets Chanakya and tells him that Helena is the main culprit for the differences between Chandra and Bindusar. Chanakya says that he is a minister and will help Chandra in political matters but cannot interfere in his personal issues. Chanakya tells Nandini that she will have to solve this problem by herself. Nandini asks Chanakya to give her some suggestion. Chanakya asks Nandini to use her mind rather than her strength. All family members come together for food. Nandini says that she has a task for everyone before they eat their food. Nandini asks the family members to eat the food without bending their arms. Dharma says that they can make each other eat food without bending their arms. Nandini asks everyone to feed each other. Bindusar makes Chandra eat. A man gets a letter for Helena from Apama. The man reads the letter where Apama asks Helena to come to her as she is missing her. Nandini asks Helena to go to Greece to meet her mother. Helena says she has a lot of responsibilities and cannot leave. Chandra insists Helena to go. Helena tells Nandini that she cannot defeat her with her tricks. Helena challenges Nandini that Chandra will stop her from leaving. Dharma comes to meet Bindusar and Bindusar asks her whether she has come to taunt him. Bindusar tells Dharma that she will not understand his pain as he has never got mother’s love. Dharma says that she too has never got her parents’ love. Dharma says that Nandini helped her to stand on her own feet. Helena shows Adonis and Elis a special herb she has got. Helena says that herb will stop her from going to Greece. Helena says that this herb will make Chandra and Nandini very happy. Nandini tells maid to spread the smell of this herb all over the room. Helena tells her children that this herb will to the trick. Nandini suddenly starts coughing a lot. Nandini rests on the bed and doctor informs Chandra that Nandini is pregnant. Nandini thinks she cannot be pregnant. Helena says that she will be with Nandini and take care of her. Chandra gives Helena the task to take care of Nandini and the baby. Helena says that she has to go to Greece. Helena says that she will go to Greece after Nandini’s child is born. Chandra leaves and Helena tells Nandini that she succeeded to stop Chandra from sending her to Greece. Helena tells Nandini that the special herb made her get symptoms for being pregnant and she is not pregnant in reality. Nandini thinks she should think like Helena to defeat her. Later, Nandini confronts Chanakya and Chanakya tells Nandini that she should start thinking like Helena.

Precap: Nandini tells Chandra that Helena has been manipulating Bindusar and therefore he has gone against him. Chandra is not ready to believe this and asks Nandini to get proof. Nandini meets Bindusar in prison and tells him that it is her mistake and she should not have sent him to Helena. Nandini cries and Bindusar ask her not to cry as her tears are precious.


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