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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th November 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with kids doing the puja. Bhabhimaa praises them. Dadi says you did puja well, have this. The boy says we did this for Naira, its a gift from our side, we won’t take money, just bless us. The man says mini bus has come. Naira asks why. The kids say Kartik has arranged Rajasthan tour for us. Kartik asks them to enjoy. Naira thanks him. Lav and Kush say we want to go along. Naira says no, you have school. Lav says we will miss them. Naira says we will take you during vacations. Kids leave. Naira hugs Pungi and sends her. Surekha says thank God, kids left. Kartik says I should thank you, I got lovely friends because of you. Bau ji says we shall go now. Naira asks him to stay. Bhabhimaa says we have to meet again. Naira asks is party happening. Kartik says yes, you

won’t ask anything more. Rajshri says maybe Kartik didn’t tell them. Manish says no one told me anything. Kirti hugs her family and goes. Kartik says I should take medicines, else it will hurt more. He takes medicines.

Suwarna says I couldn’t send courier till now. She sees the boxes. Kids come and push her. Boxes fall. Kids ask shall we pack these with color stickers. She says no, I will manage, this has office items, go and plan surprise for Naira. They go. She puts things back. She recalls Manish’s words. She calls her brother and says I will not courier anything, come back and take everything. Kartik talks on call and says magic show should be good, everything should be set. Naira holds him and asks what did you order, tell me. She says for your birthday party. She asks am I a kid. He says I thought you will like it. She asks him to change it. He says sorry. She says I won’t come. He laughs and says you are foolish. He kisses her. She beats him. He romances. Surekha and Akhilesh come and gift spa voucher. Naira thanks her. She asks Kartik to come. He asks her to go, he will come. She goes. He says I have to go and it will take time. Kirti asks what shall I do. Devyaani asks her to help Naksh. Bhabhimaa asks Naksh not to make Kirti work much. Dadi calls Kirti to talk. Kirti keeps phone and helps Naksh.

Bhabhimaa says we have less time, who will cook, I have ache in hand. Baisa says bahu is there to cook. Dadi says bahu means Kirti, will they make her work so much. She worries. Kartik says I can’t tell this to anyone. Naira messages Kartik. Aryan gifts Naira and wishes happy birthday. She thanks him. He says talk to Kartik to give me some other work, according to my talent. She says I will try. He says thanks, you are good, till I get job, I will do all work perfect, promise. He goes. Manish asks Naira what’s the need to talk to such people. She says he is not bad, we can try him in office. Manish refuses. Akhilesh says she asked for birthday gift, we will keep her. Manish says you don’t know such opportunistic people, he will leave job on finding better opportunities. Aryan looks on. Naira says he doesn’t look so. Manish says fine, we will keep him. Aryan says I will become big man one day. Naira waits for Kartik at the spa. She calls him. Kartik gets her call. He bears the pain. She thinks he is not spending time with me, come soon Kartik. The girl says its time for our next appointment. Naira asks her to cancel her appointment. She gets a call.

Dadi says Kartik didn’t tell us about party. They all discuss. Naira comes home. Surekha asks how was spa experience. Naira says Kartik couldn’t come, so I postponed. Akhilesh says she looks very upset. Dadi says she should be happy, he is planning for her party. Manish asks why is he not answering. Kartik comes. Surekha asks why did you not go to spa. Manish says we would have asked event manager to manage. Kartik asks where is Naira. Surekha says she went to room. Kartik says I m fine. He asks man to keep cake. Heh says party is in Singhania sadan. Manish asks why. Dadi says maybe its Naira’s wish. Kartik says no, its my wish.

Manish says atleast think of guests and media. Kartik says they are not coming. Manish asks for whom is the party. Kartik says its for Naira’s happiness, its not an event. Dadi asks can’t we celebrate it at our home. He says I didn’t think this. She thinks Kirti will have all party responsibility. Kartik says I will get Naira later, you all go there first. He goes. Suwarna thinks bhaiya can come, Lord manage it. Kartik comes to room and says its hurting a lot, I have to work.

Kartik sees Naira angry and tries to talk. He apologizes. She hits him and asks him to go. He asks her to keep anger on hold, he doesn’t want to fight today. She says I will fight, I m angry. He says we will fight tomorrow, sorry. She says okay. He gets a dress and asks her to get ready fast, he will wait downstairs. He goes.

Kartik says why is it paining so much. Naira asks what happened and looks at his arm.

Update Credit to: Amena


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