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Ek Deewana Tha 10th October 2017 Episode Written Update

Epi begins with Sharanya telling Vyom if he will be with her then she might remember all those past years for sure! Vyom hugs her back. The ghost stares at them angrily as they part. Vyom says I dint wait to see tears in your eyes. I promise you I wont let you cry ever again. Just allow me to stay with you even if as a friend. You can spend me like time and I will live you like my life. I don’t think Dr. Amit’s phone is here. It might be expensive. Someone might have picked it up. She says I don’t know what he found out or what he wanted to tell me. He tells her to trust him. There was no such thing. I was also in your past. There is nothing extraordinary that you need to know. They sit down in the car. Sharanya says Dr. Amit said there is danger. He again assures her that nothing

is there. No danger can reach you till I am with you. The ghost peeks at him from the window.

Sharanya is still thinking of her conversation with Dr. Amit before he died. She starts feeling cold and smells stargazers. The same symptoms are back. Vyom asks her if she is fine. She nods but then shouts noticing some eyes in the rear view mirror. Vyom gets distracted because of it and the steering sways. He falls down from the car and gets badly hurt. Sharanya shouts his name as the car keeps circling. Vyom looks on helplessly. Sharanya struggles with the door as it gets stuck. She switches to the driver seat and is able to open the door but it gets shut automatically. She shouts for help but Vyom is not in a good condition. He passes out. Fog appears from nowhere in / around the car. Sharanya hugs herself feeling cold. She shouts. Who is here? She panics noticing the car’s parts moving on their own. Who is there? She ends up feeling nauseated. A stone falls on the car’s window and it breaks open. Someone unlocks the door for her.

Sharanya rushes to Vyom. Mohini comes to tell her she needs to talk to her. Sharanya points at Vyom. I need help for my friend. Mohini says it is about him only. Sharanya keeps shouting for help ignoring all of Mohini’s pleas to listen to her but in vain. Sharanya stops a passing by car to seek help for Vyom. Mohini’s efforts to stop her go waste. The more you will go away from me the more you will inch closer to death!

Madhvi informs Rajan that Vyom has met with an accident.

Sharanya cries seeing Vyom’s condition. She thinks of the time she has spent with him since she regained conscious. Vyom takes Sharanya’s name in his unconscious state. Doc assures him she is fine. We are almost done. We will shift you to your room soon.

Sharanya cannot stop thinking about Vyom. Her family comes just then. She tells her father about Vyom but he assures her that Vyom will be fine. Rajan and his family also come there. Chandni asks Doc if Vyom will survive. Madhvi and Rajan shout at her to shut up. Chandni says I am just concerned. Doc tells everyone to relax. The wound is deep but Vyom is fine now. We will shift him in private ward soon where you can meet him.

Sharanya and Madhvi get concerned seeing Vyom being shifted to a new ward. Madhvi scolds Sharanya. Stop chasing my son! He is in this condition because of you. What do you want? Nurse advises them to calm down. Madhvi still does not relent. She continues speaking badly to Sharanya. Rajan tells her to stop it. We cannot blame Sharanya. She is not at fault here. Madhvi points at the blood on Sharanya’s hands. This is my son’s blood while she is unscathed. She will not let my son live. Rajan calms her as she breaks down. Vyom gains conscious but fails in getting up. Rajan tells Madhvi they are all worried for Vyom but they cannot blame Sharanya for it. Relax. Madhvi understands his meaning by his grip.

Rajan apologizes to Mr. Bisht on Madhvi’s behalf. She is a mother after all. Mr. Bisht nods. I can understand. Mohini walks in saying no one can understand. It is beyond all of you. Everyone looks at her in confusion. Mohini asks Sharanya to come with her. I have to talk to you. Sharanya asks her who she is. You are following me? Mr. Bisht asks her about Mohini. Sharanya says I don’t know. She was at the accident spot and was mumbling something instead of helping me. Mohini tells her she isn’t alone. There is a spirit behind you. The ghost is standing right behind Sharanya. Rajan calls it rubbish but Mohini insists she isn’t lying. No one will understand what Sharanya is feeling but I know everything. Vidyut calls for security. Mohini tells Sharanya only she can help her. You see ice everywhere and smell flowers everywhere! Rajan says she is getting treated her. Everyone knows this already! Throw her out or I will call police. Mohini insists Sharanya’s life is in danger. Security drags her away.

Mohini turns to go again but senses something and turns. He is right here somewhere. She goes in another direction. The ghost is shown standing near the wall.

Precap: Sharanya meets Mohini. You said you know something about me. Mohini does some puja to bring the ghost before Sharanya. The ghost holds Sharanya’s hand and she feels it this time.

Update Credit to: Pooja


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