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Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 10th November 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Abhishek telling Tanuja that he fell in love with her long back, but didn’t have the courage to confess. He proposes her for marriage and asks will you marry me. Tanuja is shocked. Abhishek says I know you are an unique girl and says he was a free bird before, but now he wants to hear her scolding all life and wants to spend rest of his life with her. Tanuja asks him to stop it and asks how dare you to think like this. She goes. Abhishek is about to follow her, but Natasha stops him and asks him to make her sleep. Abhishek regrets for proposing her and tells that she was with him atleast like a friend. He asks Natasha not to leave him. Tanuja comes out of house and sees Rishi. Rishi asks where is she going? Tanuja says she don’t want to say. Rishi says Tanuja and Rishi are

one and asks her to tell. He says you are a liar and my presence effects you, and asks whenever you hurts my heart, why you gets affected and comes to cheer me up. Tanuja says she don’t love him now. Rishi says you thought something had happened to me and that’s why came to coffee shop. He says we are one. Tanuja looks on sad. Rishi sits in his car and goes. Tere bina plays…..

Abhishek comes out. Tanuja says she needs to talk to him. Beeji tells Rishi that she heard Maasi telling Myra that she saw Tanuja with you. Rishi says but why Tanuja left from here. Tanuja tells abhishek that she acted to be his wife because of Rishi and to save you from girls. She says I am not the right girl for you as I love him even now. She tells him that she loves Rishi a lot, and says when blast happened in the coffee shop, she got mad and went there, and asks him repeatedly if he is fine. She says then his truth came and stood infront of him. She says she is not in his life as Netra and Tania are in his life, and says even though she wants to hate him, but can’t. She says you are really a nice man, and will get a good girl. She says I can’t marry you or break anyone’s home. Abhishek gets sad. Kal ho na ho song plays.

Rano tells Netra that Tanuja stayed there for few days in her room. She says you loves Rishi a lot, but he don’t love you. You are lucky to get Tania and this house. Don’t go anywhere leaving this house, else it will be of someone else. Netra thinks this is her house and tells that she loves Tania and will love Natasha too. Abhishek tells Tanuja that girls will stand in queue for him. Tanuja smiles. Lawyer comes and tells about court case. He says as Tanuja is a single parent there is a problem in the case. Tanuja tells that even single parent can have children and tells about laws changing. Lawyer says single parent shall have her home, family and financial stability. Abhishek tells Tanuja that Rishi can stoop low to win the case.

Tanuja comes to temple. Rishi also comes there. Shagun’s chunar falls on Rishi’s head. Pandit ji blesses their Jodi and prays for their together. Tanuja is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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