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Zindagi Ki Mehak 10th November 2017 Episode Written Update

Scene 1
Shaureya says recalls mahek. Its you coming towards me. Its you who was mine. You used to be shy. I filled your hairline. I made you wear my mangalsutra and made you mine. She faints. Shaureya holds her. Shaureya says try to recalls us being together. Remember our love. Please recall everything. Don’t you remember it. Mandhar comes there. She shoves mahek. She falls down. Mandhar hits Shaureya. Mahek sees flash backs. She shouts Shaureya.. Mandhar stops. Mahek faints. Shaureya says Mahek.. Kanta is dazed. She goes towards him. Shaureya picks her. Neev says ma what happened to you. Shaureya takes Mahek with him. He says nothing would happen to you. They call doctor.
Mandhar’s ma says everything is over. Mandhar says I wont let it be.

Neev will ma be okay? Doctor says

be careful. She shouldn’t take stress. She has mental trauma. Kanta says we will be extra careful. Jevan says but DNA said that she is Mandana. Whys she took his name? Shaureya says because she is my Mahek.
Mandhar’s mom comes in and says can I take her home? Kanta says she is our Mahek. You can’t take her. Mandhar comes and says she is my wife. He took my wife here. Inspector says is he right mr. Shaureya? You will have to come to police station. Shaureya calls commissioner and says he wants to talk to you. Inspector says on call sorry sir.
Inspector apologizes shaureya and says to Mandhar get out. Why are you accusing an innocent person.

Mandhar meets Archi outside. She says use brain not hands. He says I don’t need your help. He gets a call. Archi says I am a man I can’t take help from a woman.
Kanta says Mahek open your eyes. Shaureya says Mahek we are all waiting for you. Mahej wakes up. Shaureya hugs her and says I knew you would come back. She says are you mad I am not Mahek. How many times should I tel you? I am Neev’s mother. I won’t tolerate it any more. I want to go back to my family. Shaureya says you took my name. Vandana says enough. Leave me alone. I am not yours. Neev comes there. Shaureya says let me bring him, Mandhar says to Neev forget your mom and come with me. Shaureya stops him. Mahek comes. Mandhar says you stay here with your new family I am going from here. Mahek says no don’t go. I am your wife. I am telling you all that he is my husband and Neev is my child. Dont try to annoy me again. SHe holds his hand and goes with him.

Scene 2
Mandhar says I am so great that didn’t even ask herr anything. If she even doubts that she is Mahek then she can go and get out of this house.
Shaureya recalls his moments with Shaureya.
Kanta says she is Mahek. She doesn’t know anything. Don’t be sad. This isn’t easy. Shaureya says my Mahek is back and I wont ever give up. He sees Archi there.

Bijli says to Mandhar don’t drink. He says why are you here? Bijli says I don’t trust you. He says shut up. Bijli says don’t treat me this way. If you cheat on me I will ruin your life. He shoves her and says get lost. If you mess with me again I will sell you somewhere.
He leaves. Shaureya stops her. He says will you let him go like this? I can help you in getting your right if you help me.

Precap-Shaureya says that ward boy lives here.
He can tell us about Mahek. Archi is killing him. Shaureya comes there.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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