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Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 13th November 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Netra asking Tania to share her stuff with Natasha as she is like her sister. Tania says ok. Netra drops her to school and asks Teacher about Natasha. Teacher says she is on few days leave. Netra asks her to inform her once Natasha resumes school. Teacher thinks if she doesn’t know that Natasha is Rishi and Tanuja’s daughter. In the car, Netra thinks she knows that Natasha is Rishi and Tanuja’s daughter, and that’s why she is her daughter too. She thinks once she gets her custody, she will give her same love as she loves Tania. Rishi and Manpreet are in the office meeting. After the meeting, Rishi tells Manpreet that he hopes Tanuja returns to him with Natasha. Abhishek gets tensed and tells Maasi what Lawyer had said about custody case. Tanuja asks Gauri to add honey in

the lemon for Myra as she don’t have sugar. Rishi tells manpreet that Tanuja might be worried thinking she will lose the case. Manpreet says she might be thinking what to do. Gauri tells Tanuja that it seems he loves you a lot. Tanuja says he gave me pain only. Gauri tells that she remained unmarried as her lover never returned.

Abhishek is worried that they will lose the case. Maasi suggests Abhishek to marry Tanuja and give her financial security so that she can get Natasha. Abhishek says Tanuja said that she will never love me. Maasi suggests him to marry Tanuja and love her so much that she is forced by her heart to love him. Tanuja hears them.

Netra tells Ahana that she needs to be at home for Tania being her mum. She says we have an understanding relation, and asks if she will have tea. Ahana says ok and thinks it seems Netra threatened her as she knows some truth. Abhishek tells Tanuja that he don’t love her and don’t wish to marry her. He says he just loves Natasha and proposed her for her. Tanuja says she was so tensed when he proposed her and wanted to run away from there. Abhishek says only mad man will love you and not me. Tanuja thinks about Rishi and says only mad man loves me. Abhishek says we shall marry, but it will be fake marriage just for Natasha, but I will continue the date the girls…etc. Tanuja says marriage is a sacred relation and she needs to think. Abhishek asks her to think.

Netra brings toys and teddy bears. Rano asks why did you bring teddy bears as Tania likes dolls. Netra tells that she bought it for her other daughter Natasha as she will be here in a week, then she will stay here with me. Ahana comes and says if Natasha comes and stay here then Tanuja will also come. Netra says she is Natasha’s mum. Ahana says Natasha will never accept you as Tanuja and says she is their family. Rano tells her that they will never accept Tanuja.

Tanuja comes to the temple. Rishi is going from there and stops the car. He gets down the car and goes to the temple. He tells God that he don’t know why you called me and pray for them. Tanuja asks God to help her take the right decision. Just then shagun chunari falls on Rishi and he says sorry.

Rano scolds Rishi for Netra. Rishi tells that Tanuja is his Tanuja. Tanuja proposes Abhishek for marriage and asks him to marry her. Abhishek is shocked and surprised.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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