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Jennifer Winget: I Still Can’t Believe Beyhadh Ended!

I still can’t believe that Beyhadh has ended,” says Jennifer Winget, who played the role of Maya in the popular TV show.
The show was a “huge experiment” for her and was a “career high” as well. The audiences “loved” her character and “hated” it at the same time.
“I am so glad the experiment worked, not just for me but for everyone involved in the project. Additionally, it felt amazing to be bad on screen (laughs). But Maya was not the typical negative character. She had reasons and justifications for what she was doing, and if you look at things from her point of view they will seem right. She loves a guy and wants him love only her. All her emotions were extreme and she wasn’t self-sacrificing at all. I had to believe in each emotion that my character would show and act with conviction, which is what the audience loved.”
The Dill Mill Gayye actor’s style quotient too was at an alltime high during the show. She is humbled that so many of her co-stars put up posts on social networking sites admiring her talent and show.
“This was unusual and I am so thankful to everyone who put up posts. I was overwhelmed with the response and the show appealed to so many people of varied ages. It felt amazing.”
Talking about her style and look, the actor credits her team for the final product.
“We all worked hard on the show and wanted the best. Every department including the styling, writing, direction, and background etc., ensured that we made a good product. I thank them for giving me the liberty to give inputs and then implementing them. When everyone around you is passionate, including the fans, you don’t have a choice (but be passionate too). The fans noticed everything about my outfits and style. When your work is being appreciated, you have to deliver.”
The show was supposed to end in August but got an extension, which thrilled the fans and the actors too. Jennifer, too, felt mixed emotions as “the story had reached the ending”. “I didn’t want the show to end but I didn’t want it to drag unnecessarily too. But when the show got an extension, I was happy because I didn’t want to leave Maya.”
Jennifer is already working on a new show and promises to be “back on TV soon”. “God’s been kind and I am happy to be working back-to-back. I love working because it is a form of enjoyment for me. I also went on a vacation recently.”

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