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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th November 2017 Episode Written Update; Aryan Hurts Naira

The Episode starts with Dadi saying it was a long day, there was no fun without media. Manish says its good media was not there, it would be an insult, why did they not come back with us. Suwarna says they wanted to stay there. Dadi says Kartik has much pain. Suwarna says Naira will take care of him. Manish asks did you take my file. She says no, maybe Aryan took it. Manish talks ill about him. He says Aryan is idiot, useless, lazy fellow, maybe he has run seeing work. Dadi says person is such by upbringing and family.

Kartik and Naira have a talk. He says I have seen many dreams here. She says you have already told me. He says I just wanted to get you, I used to lose senses seeing you. She runs. He hugs her. He says happy birthday. She thanks for making her birthday special.

They say I love you….

Aryan throws the letters. He sees Manish and Suwarna passing by in their car. He gets the letters back. He reads one. Suwarna sees the empty cupboard. Manish asks where are the things. She says I have sent it, it was costly, I didn’t wish any loss to happen. She thinks I have no fear now, no one will come between Manish and Kartik ever.

Aryan says you gave everything of my share to Kartik, you didn’t do this right. Its morning, Kartik and Naira have tea at a stall. Kartik says we will go for a long drive. Aryan’s friend asks him why is his mood off. Aryan sees Kartik. He thinks of Suwarna’s words. He thinks my mum left me because of you, I have to do something to you to take revenge. He asks his friend for car. The man says its garage owner car. Aryan insists. He takes the car and follows Kartik and Naira.

Manish asks Suwarna did her brother come, driver told me. Suwarna says yes, he came here, I met him when I came to get cake. He says you should have got him to party, what would he think. She says you know his nature. Aryan sees the car and says car stopped at the shop, it means Naira went to the shop, Kartik is alone in the car, its good chance to take revenge. Naira sees the car approaching. He drives and hits the car. Kartik shouts Naira…. Aryan stops and looks back. He sees Naira in driver’s seat and gets shocked. Kartik gets Naira out of the car. He asks you okay. She says yes. Kartik asks what happened, car was parked. Naira says I have seen that car. Aryan leaves. Kartik says maybe he was someone mad or drunkard, did anyone…. She says maybe someone did intentionally. He hugs her. Aryan recalls Naira. He says what was I going to do, its good nothing happened to Naira, I have to take revenge from Kartik, but I won’t do sin to take anyone’s life.

Naksh says I got busy and forgot. Bhabhimaa asks him to do this work first, much planning has to be done for foreign trip. Bhabhimaa says place should be of Kirti’s choice. Naksh sees the junk man taking stuff. He takes the hockey and says I told you this won’t go anywhere, its imp for me. He takes it. Kirti looks on and says Tara used to play hockey, is this the same one.

Kartik and Naira get kachoris for kids. Kartik talks to everyone. Manish comes and asks are you fine. Kartik says yes. Manish asks why are you lying, you thought we won’t know about accident. Suwarna asks Naira is she fine. Kartik says she is fine, someone has hit parked car. Naira says I m fine, a doggy came in front of the car, so that happened. Manish says none can dare to intentionally hurt my son. Aryan looks on. Manish says Akhilesh, book a new car for Kartik. Akhilesh says I will book a car with best safety features. Dadi wards off bad sight. Manish says Kartik and I got distant after Soumya left us. Aryan reaches the door. Manish says I want to make everything fine, we have hidden this secret, thanks Suwarna, you have done a big sacrifice. Aryan thinks Manish also knew this, he is also responsible. Manish says I don’t see anyone other than Kartik. Suwarna says its not wrong, our happiness is in Kartik and Kirti’s happiness.

Aryan says they are so stone hearted, they forgot their own son, my dad doesn’t care for my existence, I will tell entire truth now. He steps in and claps. Manish gets angry seeing him. Aryan starts shouting. He says I know everything, how Suwarna lied about her child and gave him to her brother, the secret is out, its me, I m Manish and Suwarna’s son. Manish slaps him. He asks how dare you say nonsense, did you think we will believe you. Suwarna says we treated you well, why did you do this. Manish says get out, I have just one son, Kartik, you are no one. He pushes Aryan. Aryan’s imagination ends. He looks at everyone.

Naira stops on the way and spots the car which has hit her car. She goes to check and gets shocked seeing Aryan.

Update Credit to: Amena


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