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Ishqbaaz 15th November 2017 Episode Written Update

Ishqbaaz 15th November 2017 Episode starts with Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra’s Goa video playing on the projector and the Oberoi family getting shocked. Shivaay, Omkara, and Rudra apologize to Oberoi family. Dinky instigates Oberoi family further but goofs up saying she is the one who did everything.

All get shocked. Some time back… Anika tells Dadi that Dadi gave her the family and feels grateful towards Dadi for accepting a girl like her into the Oberoi family. Dadi and Anika hug each other. Shivaay, Omkara, and Rudra think of stopping Dinky and get shocked to see Dinky with the pen drive. Anika thanks Dadi for cultivating good qualities in ShivOmRu. Anika says that because of Dadi Anika and Gauri can trust Shivaay and Omkara blindly. Dinky inserts the pen drive before ShivOmRu can stop her, the Gao video plays on the projector, Anika, Gauri, Bhavya and rest of the Oberoi family get shocked.

Dinky feels happy. Dadi gets saddened seeing the video and pushes the projector from the table. Pinky cries seeing the video, senior Oberois scold Shivaay, Omkara, and Rudra over the video. Pinky and Tej get into argument over Omkara and Shivaay, Pinky blames Rudra. Pinky calls Rudra immature, senior Oberoi’s fight, Dadi cries bitterly. Rudra says that the video is not true, it is fake, Shivaay and Omkara stop him, Shivaay apologizes on behalf of Oberoi brothers. Dadi says they have broken the hearts.

Dinky tells Anika and Gauri that she was telling the truth and to accept that Dinky was right. Dinky says things against ShivOmRu to Oberoi family. Anika stops Dinky, Gauri tells her not to insult their husbands. Anika and Gauri support Shivaay and Omkara and show full faith in them. Dinky calls them fool, Anika says Shivaay and Omkara are innocent. Shivaay and Omkara get overwhelmed. Anika goes to Shivaay, holds his hands and says she knows Shivaay more than himself, he is not cheap, Anika says she trusts Shivaay and their relationship is based on the trust and hence they are still together. Gauri goes to Omkara and says Omkara can never see any wrong thing and can never do anything wrong. Dinky says there is more to the video, all that happened later only she knows as she is the one who did everything. All get shocked and confront Dinky. Dinky tells the truth that she had planted Piya to ruin Anika and Gauri’s trust. Dinky says she did not want Anika and Gauri to commit the same mistakes that Dinky has made, the pains that Dinky has suffered. Dinky cries, Anika, Gauri and Bhavya console Dinky. Dinky praises Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra and calls them honest and trustworthy. Dinky and Piya apologize to ShivOmRu and Oberoi family. Dadi forgives them. Dadi feels happy and proud about Shivaay, Omkara, and Rudra. Dadi feels happy as Anika and Gauri supported Shivaay and Omkara. Oberoi family shares a moment of happiness together. Omkara apologizes Gauri later and says thank you to her, Rikara hug. Shivaay tells Anika that she is best of all, Shivaay tells it is the best feeling when a person knows that one person will support him no matter what. Shivaay and Anika hug. Rudra and Bhavya feel happy seeing them. They look at each other and look away.


Anika faints, all get shocked, Dinky says Anika is pregnant, all get happy, Dadi tells Shivaay that he is going to be the father, Shivaay – Anika get shocked.


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