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Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 15th November 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Ahana telling Rishi that Tania is smilie’s daughter and tells that she knows that Netra don’t want Tanuja to return and that’s why she will not go to call her. Rano asks Ahana what she is saying and tells that it was an old matter and asks why she is raising that issue. Rishi says he has adopted Tania as his daughter. Rano tells Rishi that Tanuja was staying with a stranger since 7 years. Rishi says Tanuja is his caretaker and taking care of him. He tells that Tanuja earned money for her and her daughter’s living, and not stayed in someone house with fake relations. Rano says you are talking about Netra and asks how can he say that. Rishi tells that she is his Tanuja and she is his ego and he feels proud of her. He comes to Manpreet’s room and asks where is Ahana. Manpreet

asks what happened? Rano comes there and asks where is she? Rishi tells Manpreet that Rano shouted at Ahana and made her upset.

Rano tells that Tanuja returned after 7 years as a kaal and is ruining her family. Rishi says Tanuja and his relation will not break even after 107 years and tells that he will bring Tanuja back surely. Manpreet tells her that if she don’t mend her ways then he will leave the house. Rano thinks she won’t let Tanuja return.

Tanuja comes to Abhishek’s room and scolds him for putting towel on bed. Abhishek understands that she wants to say something. He tells her that he has an idea to make the case strong and asks her not to worry. He will make the case strong. Rishi thinks about Tanuja. Alvida song plays….He recalls Tanuja telling him that they are not his family and Abhishek and Natasha are her family. He cries and thinks he is sure that his love will win. Rishi tells that their love is since from many births and thinks Tanuja will return to him.

Rishi and Tanuja looks at the moon and thinks if the other is watching the moon. A song plays…Chand ki…They recalls their romantic moments. Abhishek comes to Tanuja. Inna Sona plays…He imagines Tanuja hugging him and crying. Tanuja turns and looks at him. Abhishek says he was seeing her and asks if she saw his watch. Tanuja asks will you marry me? He is shocked and thinks if she is cross checking me. She asks the same thing. Abhishek says I proposed you for Natasha and not for myself and asks her to forget that proposal. Tanuja says he can’t and says first you wanted to marry me and now I want to marry you.

Natasha asks Abhishek and Tanuja to invite her with a card and tells that she will invite Tania and Mr. Handsome. Tanuja is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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