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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th November 2017 Episode Written Update;Naira Gives Return Gift to Kartik

The Episode starts with Naira running after kids. She recalls the accident and thinks who did that and why. Aryan apologizes. She says its fine, don’t think of Manish’s words. He says I need this job, it was last mistake, I won’t do mistake again. Kirti sees the hockey stick. Naksh does some work and goes. She says I have no courage to ask, he can get annoyed, but I won’t get peace if I don’t ask, he has kept Tara’s hockey safe, it means he couldn’t remove her memories from heart. Kids take Naira’s pic. They run. Naira says 124 gifts…. Kartik says 125 and keeps a box. She sees a bracelet. He says everyone gives gift on birthday, I thought to give it next day. She says you should get a return gift. She switches on lights. He smiles and sees the hanging cards. He

says map of Greece…. He gets an envelop. He checks. He says vacation in Greece. She says yes, just you and me, no one else. He hugs her. She says we have to take permission from family. He says we will behave like we are alone. They act to hide and hug. The gifts fall. She laughs and hugs him.

Dadi asks going abroad. Kartik says yes. Naira says if you have no objection. Manish asks them to go. Dadi says Kartik would have thought this. Kartik says no, it was Naira’s plan. Surekha and Akhilesh ask them to go on honeymoon, they should have planned it before. Dadi gets thinking and goes. Naira goes after her. Aryan looks on and says I couldn’t hear the place’s name, I have to do my work before they leave, I m bearing someone’s mistake, now its Kartik’s turn.

Naira asks don’t you like our plan, tell me. Dadi says newly weds go on honeymoon, I m not saying that you don’t go, but did you think about those who should go. Naira asks how can I think, its personal thing. Dadi says you would know if you asked them, you did your booking. Naira says sorry, I didn’t think. Dadi says I will manage. She goes. Naira says Dadi can ask Naksh, it can get odd.

Kirti goes to Naksh and asks him is there anything he has to say about his life. He says I told you every imp thing. She asks is Tara there in your heart, is that Tara’s hockey stick. He takes her. Akhilesh says tender won’t open soon. Manish says they don’t do anything without bribe. Kartik says they won’t give bribe. Manish says its all needed in business. Kartik says I won’t do. Manish says if someone gets caught, the person has to answer. Aryan hears them. Naksh uses hockey to fix fuse and says this hockey is used for fixing fuse, this is Nannu’s hockey, not Tara’s, see his name is also written, Tara is not in my life, I accepted it, I want to spend life with you. She says sorry, I was scared. He says relations should have trust, not fear, ask anything by right.

Surekha gets tickets. Naira says don’t do this Dadi, Naksh will feel odd. Dadi says I will listen if he tells anything, come with me. Naira says Naksh has self esteem, he won’t agree. Dadi takes her. Naksh does booking. Rajshri calls Kirti. Kirti comes. Naksh smiles. Dadi and Naira come. Dadi says I got Naira here, she won’t be able to meet you all for few days, Naira and Kartik are going Greece. They all get happy. Dadi says I got tickets for Naksh and Kirti also, it will be gift for pagphere. Naksh says we can’t take this, I will take Kirti where she wants, its my responsibility to keep her happy. Dadi says I did this for your happiness. Naksh says I also did arrangements for her happiness, sorry Kirti ji, booking got confirmed just now, you have to decide where you want to go. Kirti thanks Dadi for thinking for them. She says I would like to go to the place planned by my husband. They all smile. Dadi asks Naira to see, I told you… Naira told me that Naksh and Kirti can accompany them, I told why not and booked their tickets. Naksh sees Naira and understands Dadi. Dadi says I just want their happiness.

Manish sees Kartik and says I know your state, you are worried for tender, no use to worry, what’s destined will happen. Kartik says if anything goes wrong. Manish says your dad is there, I will manage everything. Dadi stops the car. She says Naira, I told all that as Naksh loves you a lot, he will not be annoyed with you, he would have got annoyed if I took my name. Naira says I understood, you are elder and would have thought well. Dadi gets down the car.

Aryan’s dad asks him to come home. Kartik calls Naira and says you are travelling alone, Dadi went to meet her friend. She asks him not to be scared. He says don’t know whatever happened was an accident or…. Naira thinks he reminded this again, I also feel someone did that intentionally. Aryan cries and ends call. He says why did you lie, why did you give so much love to me. Naira sees the car and asks driver to stop. She goes and sees Aryan. He asks why are you seeing me like this. She asks is this your car. Similar car stops. Naira says sorry, I didn’t know there are similar cars. He says sorry for that cake. She asks him to forget it. He thinks I wish I could forget.

Aryan bribes the man. Kartik says we got the contract. He hugs Manish. Aryan says Kartik got this contract because of me.

Update Credit to: Amena


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