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Ek Deewana Tha 16th November 2017 Episode Written Update

Vyom’s wound begins to bleed suddenly. She gets concerned hearing him scream in pain. Vyom passes out. Rajan and Madhvi rush to his room and take him with them. Sharanya goes after them too. Rati calls doctor.

Chandni asks doc about Vyom’s health. Madhvi asks Vyom how the stitches opened suddenly. Doc too is puzzled by the same question. It does not happen normally. Rajan says he just got stitches. It will happen if he will smile so loudly. Vyom points at Sharanya. I smile whenever she is around me. Not my fault! Doc advises him to take care of himself in this condition. I want Sharanya to be near you so you can heal soon. Vyom smiles at Sharanya. He gives them a new prescription and takes their leave. Rajan suggests leaving Vyom and Sharanya together now. Madhvi looks at him.


Bisht says a son’s mother always feels that ways. I too might feel that ways when you will marry. It is normal. Aditya says you don’t understand. Mr. Bisht asks him if something happened. Aditya remembers Chandni’s words. He lies to his parents. I don’t understand why they are so keen for marriage. Mrs. Bisht points out that Vyom is waiting for Sharanya since last 2 years. Don’t talk too much now.

Vyom assures Sharanya he is fine. She tells him to take care of himself too. He tells her not to worry. She says I do worry. What if something had happened to you? He assures her that nothing would happen to him till the time she is with him. He cheers her up. He points out that she got scared when he came closer to kiss her. She denies. You are simple guy, uncle types, boring and serious type. He looks at her in shock and she laughs. You are a good boy. He offers to show the bad boy side to her. She tells him to be careful. Doc said you need rest. I am a Karate Champion. He asks her if she has ever killed a mosquito. She calls it irrelevant. Take care of yourself. I am going. He says this is one question which I don’t feel like answering. I will drop you. Sharanya asks him if he is mad. Rajan affirms it. He is completely mad after you! He tells Vyom to rest as he just got new stitches. I will drop Sharanya. Vidyut offers to drop her but she declines. Vidyut says Vyom will feel bad if I let you go alone. Enjoy my company today. Rati hears him from the door. Vyom nods at Sharanya to go ahead. Message me when you reach home. Sharanya leaves with Vidyut.

Vidyut returns Sharanya her bag. She takes it and heads outside. Rati watches them.

Odhni (sorry, I heard it to be Mohini earlier) is chanting some mantras. The ghost (I am going to call him Shiv finally) is sitting nearby. She senses his presence. Two girls are sitting there. Is he here? Odhni tells her to be quiet. It is someone else. She tells Shiv to leave. The girl again tells starts talking. First ask him where he kept the key of the locker. Odhni tells them to leave. She next walks up to Shiv.

Vyom lies down to sleep. He smiles thinking of his conversation with Sharanya. Rati smiles seeing him thus. Stop smiling now. Vyom asks her why he should stop smiling. Things are working in my favour after so long. She feeds him. I have seen you yearning for Sharanya. He says everyone has seen it whereas you are the only one who has felt it. I love you for that. Have you also noticed what I am noticing these days? She thinks of Vidyut’s concern towards Sharanya and gets tensed. Vyom asks her again. What does Sharanya’s concern and fear towards me means? She replies that his love is finally knocking at her heart. He asks her when the door will open. She assures him it will happen soon. He hopes she was Sharanya’s God. She starts feeding him again. Eat from my hands for few more days. Afterwards, it will be Sharanya only. Chandni notices Madhvi outside the door. Vyom is just bothered about that girl. He doesn’t care about his mother at all. How did the stitches open? That drip came out on its own in hospital or was Sharanya responsible for it? Is she his happiness or the reason of his destruction? Rajan is standing behind them and has heard everything.

Vidyut and Sharanya are in the car. He calls Vyom rock star. Who waits for a girl to come out of coma for 2 years? You are so lucky. I would have married him right away if I was in your place. She replies that thankfully it isn’t so. He is surprised to see her angry.

Odhni is chanting some mantras again. Shiv is sitting on the opposite side. She senses his presence. You dint leave till now. What do you want?

Vidyut tries touching Sharanya’s hand. Shiv senses it and gets alert. Sharanya looks up and notices a guy standing right in the middle of the road. She shouts at Vidyut to stop the car in shock. Vidyut applies breaks. I dint do anything. She tells him there was someone standing in front of the car. He gets down to check but finds no one there. She too steps out of the car but the road is deserted. She insists there was someone. He tells her to trust him. There was no one. She finds herself standing right in front of the milestone that says Kapali Hills and is stunned. Shiv looks at her. Sharanya begins to feel cold suddenly. Vidyut asks her if she is fine but she does not reply. Shiv walks up to her and extends his hand to reach out to her.

Precap: Rajan assures Vyom that Sharanya wound remember everything. She wont forget you once she remembers you! Odhni chants some mantras to invoke Shiv’s presence there. Sharanya is also there. Shiv appears there.

Update Credit to: Pooja


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