Ishqbaaz 16th November 2017 Episode starts with Anika fainting on the dining table. Dinky says Anika is pregnant, Oberoi family gets happy. Shivaay gets worried, Dadi tells Shivaay that he is going to be the father, Shivaay and Anika get shocked.

Some time back… Anika watches the TV program that suggests following a diet after the marriage, Anika writes the details, Shivaay wonders about the program about the program she is watching. Anika says she has put on weight and hence she is going to follow the diet. Shivaay tells Anika to play sport and swim, Anika refuses. Shivaay says Anika cannot be on diet, she can’t manage without food. Anika accepts the challenge to follow the diet. Anika tells Shivaay to get tamarind for her to eat every morning.

Dinky overhears and wonders if Anika is pregnant and decides to inform everyone. Omkara praises breakfast made by Gauri. Rudra decides to eat peanut butter sandwich, Bhavya comes forward, Rudra decides to eat an apple, Rudra and Bhavya give a look to each other. Dadi tells to ignore Bhavya, Rudra gets annoyed for being called youngest in the house. Rudra wishes to have someone younger than him in Oberoi Mansion. Dinky comes and hints about the good news. Anika comes and hints towards Anika.

Gauri offers Aloo Puri to Anika, Anika remembers her diet and refuses to eat. All get surprised. Anika feels unwell and faints. All get shocked, Dinky says Anika is pregnant. All get happy and rejoice. Shivaay gets a call from Dadi, Oberoi family congratulates Shivaay or the happiness, Shivaay gets confused. OmRu get happy to be uncles. Shivaay enters Oberoi Mansion, kinners dance around him, Pinky tells Shivaay that happiness has returned to Oberoi Mansion, Shakti and Tej congratulate Shivaay, Shivaay gets confused. OmRu bring Shivaay to the bedroom and show him unconscious Anika. Shivaay gets worried, Dadi tells Shivaay that he is going to be the father, Anika gets up, Shivaay and Anika get shocked. Oberoi family thinks of names for the baby. Anika gets confused, Pinky comes to Anika and kisses her hands, Pinky thanks Anika as she is going to make Pinky Dadi. Pinky gets emotional and asks Anika to forgive her. Pinky says she will become Anika’s mother. Shivaay and Anika remain shocked. Later, Shivaay and Anika tell OmRu and Gauri – Bhavya that Anika’s pregnancy is not possible. Shivaay and Anika tell OmRu and Gauri Bhavya that they have not consummated the marriage. OmRu, Gauri, and Bhavya get shocked. Anika and Shivaay say they have been only talking to each other and otherwise they are surrounded by problems. Shivaay and Anika get worried about informing the truth to the seniors. Dadi plans to make Laddoos for Anika, Pinky makes the list of celebrity babies, Dadi praises Pinky. Tej thinks of calling of Press Conference to declare the good news and Tej – Shakti decide to reduce Shivaay’s workload. OmRu, Gauri, and Bhavya try to communicate the truth to senior Oberois, Senior Oberois refuse to listen to them, Pinky tells everyone to keep Anika happy, Dadi makes plans, Shivaay and Anika get worried seeing them. Shivaay gets annoyed with Anika for asking for tamarind, both argue. Anika gets scared about informing the truth to senior Oberois, she cries, Shivaay decides to tell the truth to everyone, Anika wonders how. Dadi and Pinky advise Omkara and Gauri to give the next good news. Shivaay and Anika come, Pinky offers her sweets and hugs her, Anika cries, Pinky gets worried, Dinky says it must be Anika’s mood swings, Shakti says Anika must be crying out of happiness. Shivaay tells everyone that Anika is feeling guilty, Shivaay says he wants to tell something to everyone. Anika says she is not pregnant. All get shocked.


Shivaay pulls Anika close and says tonight is the night, Anika runs away from him. Omkara, Rudra, Gauri and Bhavya make the plan to bring Shivaay – Anika close. Anika sees the decorated room, Shivaay offers her rose.


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