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Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 16th November 2017

The Episode starts with Tanuja asking Abhishek if he will marry her and says she has no home, money or any financial security and says Rishi will take Natasha from her. Abhishek says I am seeing someone making a proposal while scolding and says ofcourse I will marry you. Tanuja thanks him and says I will always remember your favour. Maasi and Myra congratulates him with a hug. Abhishek says she said yes, but she don’t love me. Myra says she will love you soon, don’t worry.

Rishi is in his room looking at Tanuja’s pic. Main Jo tera na hua song plays….Rishi, Tanuja, Tania and Natasha’s pic breaks. He thinks this is my life, it is inauspicious if photo frame breaks. He looks at his bleeding finger and thinks if Tanuja is fine. He calls her, but she don’t pick his call. He messages her

and gets worried. He feels strange and worried. Ahana cries hugging Tanu and her pic. Manpreet comes to her and says you are having an affair with your friend. Ahana says you can’t crack good joke. She says she is in dilemma whom to support, sister or daughter. Manpreet says I know you have chosen your daughter, it is okay, relax. Ahana says my daughter is not in my world and says may be I couldn’t become a good mum. Manpreet says you are best mum and wife and you have best husband in the world.

Rano tells that don’t know what is happening in her house. Netra asks what happened? Rano says Rishi and Manpreet are same, it is like two bodies and one soul. Netra says Manpreet never accepted me as bhabhi. Rano says you did right by stopping Ahana today. Netra says she dislikes Tanuja and don’t want her to insult Rishi.

Gauri comes to Tanuja and says she made breakfast for her. Natasha says she made it. She asks Tanuja if she will befriend her. Tanuja says we are best friends. Natasha says I don’t do repeat telecast. Tanuja says you are my angel and best friend. Natasha says I heard breaking news and says my mumma is going to marry, and you haven’t invited me. Abhishek comes and says you are our daughter, only guests are invited. Natasha says myra told her and she will make arrangements. She says She will invite Tania and thought to make Mr. handsome marry Tania’s mom. Tanuja is shocked. Abhishek says it is okay and asks her not to think.

Rishi tells Manpreet that his family pic was broken. Beeji hears him and asks whose pic was that, if he was in that pic. Rishi says yes, but I can protect myself. Beeji says something bad going to happen and tells that she went to temple and brought raksha kawach. Rishi asks her to give two more threads for Tania and Natasha. Beeji says she already tied to Tania and gave one for Natasha.

Tanuja comes to room and asks Natasha what she is doing? Natasha says now we are friends naa and says I love you mom. She tells her that there was many missed calls and messages of mr. handsome. Tanuja is shocked. Natasha says she was playing game and saw them. She goes to get ready for school.

Rishi is in the car and thinks why did Tanuja haven’t called him or message him. She reads Rishi’s messages and gets stressed. She thinks now I can’t let you come in my life, as you are such relation for me which is affecting my other relations, I have to tell you that I am going to marry Rishi.

Tanuja comes to Rishi’s house. Rishi gets happy. Tanuja tells him that she will marry Abhishek. Rishi is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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