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Ek Deewana Tha 17th November 2017 Episode Written Update

Shiv walks up to Sharanya and extends his hand to reach out to her.

Sharanya wakes up shouting Vyom’s name. She thinks of all the incidents when he got hurt. She thinks of Odhni’s words and takes out that chit from her bag.

Rajan thinks of all the conversations he has overheard. He summons his entire family there. Vidyut asks him what the matter is. Rajan says there are some issues which I need to sort out right away. Chandni asks him what he means. Rajan reiterates her words but she twists them around. Rajan warns her. If you think anything against my son then I will kill you! Keep your mouth shut! I know you well. You were instigating Madhvi just now! Madhvi reminds him she has grown up enough. I am not a kid to fall in anyone’s words. Chandni dint say anything wrong. Rajan

says no wonder you cannot differentiate between right or wrong. I will kill everyone and destroy everything if my son gets even a scratch! He walks up to Chandni’s son. I heard you both talking. I wont spare you if anything goes wrong. Sharanya is struggling to know her past yet they are pointing fingers at her. You guys are lucky as my son came back!

Chandni says if I was lucky then I would not have been standing against you today but with you. You were my destiny! Vyom and Madhvi look at them in shock. Chandni says destinies change in one go. Rajan says you are lucky to be married to my elder brother. You don’t deserve anything more! Vyom tries to calm him but Chandni does not mind. If I don’t deserve it then does this drunkard woman deserves it? Rajan tells her to shut up. She is my wife. I wont hear anything against her. Chandni says no one has to insult her as you do it yourself. Rajan tells her to leave. He warns Madhvi to be careful while talking to Sharanya. She is going to be the DIL of this house. I wont hear anything against it.

Vyom points out that Sharanya isn’t ready for marriage. Rajan tells him to make her agree. It’s been 2 years. Vyom says she isn’t ready for marriage. Rajan assures Vyom that Sharanya would remember everything. She wont forget you once she remembers you!

Mrs. Bisht asks Sharanya what she is up to. Sharanya wants to know more about her past. Her mother tells her they have told her everything already but Sharanya is sure there are still some missing links. I feel whatever is happening to Vyom is connected to me. I feel as if someone is around me every second. Shiv is sitting right behind her. Sharanya expresses a wish to meet Odhni once. I feel I should meet her once. Her mother agrees. I would come along though. Sharanya agrees and is about to call her when Mr. Bisht takes the chit from her. He asks his wife why she isn’t telling the facts to Sharanya. Sharanya requests him to let her meet Odhni once. Mrs. Bisht too suggests letting Sharanya meet Odhni once but Mr. Bisht stays put. He also tells his family members not to encourage Sharanya in her superstitions. He throws the chit in the fire. Sharanya says it had Odhni’s number. Mr. Bisht repeats she would not meet Odhni. He heads inside. Sharanya thinks maybe what papa said was right. Mrs. Bisht and Aditya go to their rooms and so does Sharanya. Shiv tries taking that chit out but fails. He looks at his hands and tries again but they kind of defrost (ice connection). Nawab barks in that direction. Shiv thinks of something and smiles.

Lights begin to flicker. He walks up to where Nawab is. Nawab comes inside and sits quietly on the sofa. Shiv follows him everywhere which makes Nawab restless and angry. Shiv smiles seeing him go near the fireplace. Nawab collides with the pot of water kept there and it falls over the fire thereby dousing it. Shiv makes the chit float in air all the way to Sharanya’s room. Nawab barks in his direction. Shiv looks at him. Nawab starts running towards him / Sharanya’s room. Shiv closes the door with his powers. Nawab does not stop barking. Sharanya’s sleep is disturbed. Why is Nawab barking so much? Wind blows and that chit falls on her duvet. She picks it up and is shocked to realise that it is the same chit that was burnt by her father a while back! She gets scared and feels cold. Who is there? Shiv is standing on the other side of the bed.

Nawab barks again. Sharanya lets him in and pats him to calm him down. She looks at the chit again. It is neither my imagination nor the side effects of my medicines. It isn’t even superstition. Someone came. He wants me to get this note and meet this woman. Epi ends on Shiv’s smiling face.

Precap: Sharanya meets Odhni. You spoke of a spirit following me. Odhni chants some mantras to invoke Shiv’s presence there. Sharanya is also there. Shiv appears there.

Update Credit to: Pooja


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