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Ishqbaaz 17th November 2017 Episode Written Update

Ishqbaaz 17th November 2017 Episode starts with Shivaay telling Anika that they need to take their relationship to the next level, Anika sneaks away, Rikara and Ruvya make a plan to bring Shivaay – Anika close. Shivaay takes Anika with him to show her a surprise.

Shivaay shows a tiger to Anika, all get scared and run. Some time back… Anika tells everyone that she is not pregnant, Oberoi family gets shocked. Anika explains that she fainted because she was starving and tamarind was a part of the diet. Shivaay tells everyone that he and Anika love each other but till now they have not taken the relationship ahead. All get surprised. Dinky asks if Anika has some problem, Shivaay objects and says Anika is perfect. Pinky asks why have they not yet consummated the marriage, Shivaay says their souls have met in love.

Shivaay explains the conditions that they got married in and how they were separated when they got married. Shivaay says Anika has always been alone in her life and hence he decided to be her friend first and then to win her heart. Shivaay says Anika needed her time and he wanted to give her that. Dinky tells Pinky that she might have to wait for years for Shivaay – Anika’s baby. Rudra and Omkara think of doing something to bring Shivaay and Anika closer.

Shivaay and Anika say sorry to each other, both console each other and hug. Anika says thanks to Shivaay for being with her and supporting her and for completing her life. Shivaay says before meeting her his life was incomplete. Anika says they are like the cassettes. Anika says she feels secure with Shivaay, he says that means Anika is ready. Shivaay says they should take their relationship to the next level. Anika gets conscious. Shivaay pulls Anika and says tonight is the night, Anika sneaks away. Shivaay gets determined to make the perfect plan. Rikara and Ruvya think of a plan to bring Shivaay and Anika close. Omkara says they need to give space to Shivika and that they should not take their problems to Shivaay and Anika. Rikara and Ruvya argue over the plan. Rudra says he has decided the plan and has ordered the Royal Romance Kit. Shivaay orders for a special package. Rudra explains the package. Bhavya thinks Shivaay and Anika should be sent away together to spend time together, Rudra and Bhavya argue. Rudra orders dangerous stuff by mistake. Anika gets surprised to see the decorated room, Shivaay comes with a rose and asks if Anika liked her dress. Anika tries to go away, Shivaay stops her. Shivaay asks Anika the meaning of feeling secure with Shivaay, Anika blushes. Shivaay gets a call from Khanna informing the package has come, Shivaay takes Anika with him to show the surprise, Anika gets surprised to see a huge gift, Shivaay says these are his feelings for her and says the gift is exactly like her. Shivaay takes off the red cover, it’s a tiger in the cage. Anika screams, Shivaay screams for help, Anika gets angry and scared. Rikara and Ruvya run to them and get scared seeing the tiger. Everyone runs away. Svetlana tells Abhay that she is not helping him but she is helping herself. Svetlana tells Abhay that their motive is common, revenge on Oberoi family. Svetlana offers to join hands with Abhay. Shivika, Rikara, and Ruvya get scolded by forest officers for ordering the Tiger, Shivaay says he had ordered for royal flowers and not the royal tiger. Khanna brings the Royal flowers. Another forest officer says the order for the royal tiger has been placed by Rudra, Rudra tries to cover up, all scold Rudra. Rudra apologizes. Gauri and Bhavya raise the flowers, Anika thinks it is her turn to make Shivaay feel special.


Anika decides to watch the DVD with Shivaay to turn up the romance, as suggested by Chanda. Gauri speaks about a medicine to bring Shivaay and Anika close.


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