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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th November 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Manish and Akhilesh talking about the project. Kartik comes and says you guys are in my tension. Manish says no. Kartik says you gave me all rights and got all responsibilities to yourself, should I go on holiday. Manish says of course. Kartik says ignoring work and Naira won’t be right. Manish and Akhilesh ask him to go on holiday and enjoy, then come back and manage work, till then we will manage your work. Kartik gives the files to Manish.

Naksh says Naira’s video call, it would be something special. Naira says Kartik has a good news. Kirti says Naksh also has a good news. Kartik says my project passed. They say congrats. Naksh says Krishna luxury resorts got permissions. Dadi and everyone congratulate him. Bhabhimaa says its our bahu’s auspicious

steps. Devyaani says go happy and you will get happiness there. Rajshri says we will miss them. Naira says I made shopping list. Kartik asks her to talk later. Naira says its my phone. Naksh makes Kirti talk. Kartik thinks no, its my silly fear, nothing will happen. Aryan says I have a great plan, I will frame Kartik and run away. His alter ego asks him can he run, they are his family. Aryan recalls Suwarna and Manish’s words. He breaks mirror and says they are no one, I will do this and go away. Naira shares her excitement. Kartik says its good. Naira says I think if our dream will be just a dream, will our Kairamoon be good. He smiles. They put the tags on the bags. He gets a call. He gets worried and sees Naira.

Dadi packs things for Kirti. Naira asks for me. Dadi says sorry I forgot. Naira says its wrong. Dadi says I know Kirti’s likes and dislikes, your choice is different. Naira says but Kirti doesn’t eat all this, some of Kartik’s fav too. Dadi smiles and says really, I didn’t know, what to do, I just know biasing. Naira laughs and hugs Dadi. She says I love you and kisses Dadi. Dadi says you give things to Naksh and Kirti. Naira asks why, you made with love, you take it. Dadi says no, Naksh can feel bad. Naira says this is love, he will understand. Dadi says that was also love. Naira says tickets were different thing. Dadi says you have to do this.

Manish asks what. Kartik says we have to submit papers personally tomorrow. Akhilesh asks how will this happen. Kartik says I have to go Jaipur, I have to cancel Greece flight, I never got any happiness without struggle. Manish says nothing such will happen, start paperwork, I will call minister, we have one day time. Kartik says don’t tell anything to Naira, she will be upset. Akhilesh says don’t worry, we will make papers upset. Manish says you should give her an idea, so that she is mentally prepared if anything happens.

Naksh likes the curd and strawberry mix made by Kirti. He tastes it. He doesn’t like it and says if you made this, its good. She asks did you eat it. She laughs. He asks what happened. She says this is face pack. They laugh. Kartik comes to Naira. She asks what happened, is everything fine. Kartik says I have much work. She says we will finish work together and enjoy holiday stress free. He hugs her.

Kirti asks shall I help. Rajshri says no, prepare to leave. Bhabhimaa says we are making food for you and Naksh. Kirti asks do we have to carry all this, even ghee item. Bhabhimaa says I know, you all don’t eat oily things. Devyaani says we packed low fat things for you, these ghee items are for Kartik, Naksh and Naira. Naira gives tea to Kartik. She helps him. Manish and Akhilesh sit doing work. They all smile seeing Naira helping Kartik. Naira sleeps on the sofa. Kartik smiles. He finishes work. Its morning, Dadi says everyone sees ups and downs in life. Akhilesh says yes. Suwarna says thank God, Naira didn’t know. Dadi says maybe any miracle happens and they can go Greece. Manish says I will be glad. Naira comes and says I m not getting sleep by happiness, where is Kartik, his work got over, now we can go. Kartik comes and says they checked mail, all papers are fine. They all smile. Naira runs to get ready. Kartik gets a message. Naira sings.

She falls in Kartik’s arms and says I m very happy, see I don’t want to joke, don’t try, what happened. He shows her the message, asking him to come to Jaipur personally. He says I tried a lot, sorry. She gets his office bag and says its okay, we can go some other time. He hugs her. He says sorry, I tried a lot, you are annoyed right. She says yes, but with situation, I have seen this happening with mum, dad and Naksh, Naitik could not come in Naksh’s marriage, I can understand, I will pack your bag, can Greece tickets get cancelled, don’t make me feel guilty by upset face, this work should be good, that we don’t regret to cancel trip. Kabhi ye bichaate hai….plays…. She does his packing. He goes away and sees her. She cries and says why did you make us choose one happiness, are we so bad that we can’t choose two things. He gets sad.

Naira gives the bag to Kartik. Manish asks him to come. Kartik leaves.

Update Credit to: Amena


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