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Zindagi Ki Mehak 17th November 2017 Episode Written Update; Mehak Remembers Cafe Route

Scene 1

Mandhar says to mahek don’t cook today. We will go out today. Mahek says you and Neev go. he says why won’t you go? She says dad is not well. He says so what? You look so tired. Shaurya and Kanta leave.
Dolly gives Archie food and says taste it how it is. Where is shaurya? Archie says he left in morning. Karunna says you care so much for me. If there was another girl she would have left. Archie says can we through a party for poor kids? Its my mom’s birthday. Karuna says we will do that for sure.

Kanta says to Shaurya only you can bring her back. Shaurya says when he goes near Mahek it hurts me. Kanta says for Mahek he is her husband. You have to be strong. I know you won’t give up. Only you can bring her back. He says Mahek is my life. How will I live without her.
Shaurya sees Karuna and Archie outside cafe.

Neev Mahek and Mandhare are on their way. Mahek knows way of a restaurant. She says how did it come in my mind? They come outside Mahek’s cafe. She says how I came to Mahe’s restaurant. Mahek comes outside her mind hurts.
Neev orders from Mahek’s cafe. Shuarya is there as well. Shuarya says to Kanta mahek here? She says he brought them here. Her memory is coming back. But you need to control yourself. Archie texts mandhar and says why you came here? He replies Mahek brought us here. She says do as i say. Mandhar says Vandana order what you want. Neev says I will order.
Neev says shaurya you come and eat as well. Mandhar says yes come. You come anywhere.

Precap-Mahek makes Mandhar eat. He bites her finger.
Shaurya shoves him. Mahek says don’t ever do this again.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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