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Ishqbaaz 20th November 2017 Episode Written Update

Ishqbaaz 20th November 2017 Episode starts with Anika offering juice to Shivaay, he starts feeling unwell. TV starts playing Bhajans, fire engulfs Shivaay and Anika’s room. Some time back… Omkara gets annoyed with Rudra as Rudra is fast asleep.

Omkara says they need to plan for Shivaay and Anika. Omkara and Rudra argue Gauri and Bhavya say they will make the plan. Anika holds a DVD and remembres Chanda telling her that whoever watches the DVD will get romantic. Anika plans to watch the DVD with Shivaay. Guri talks about a love potion, she says the love potion will bring Shivaay and Anika closer. Omkara asks Gauri how she knows about the potion, Gauri avoids the answer. Gauri says everyone knows in Bareli.

Anika removes the DVD cover and gets happy with her plan. Dadi asks Pinky about the Bhajan DVD she had asked Shivaay to get for her. Dadi decides to get it from Shivaay’s room. Gauri says she will add the potion in Shivaay’s orange juice. Dadi looks for the DVD in Shivaay’s room and takes the DVD brought by Anika. Bhajan DVD remains in Shivaay’s room. Gauri adds the potion in orange juice, Gauri asks the maid to throw away the bad oranges.

Omkara comes and tries to talk to Gauri about his past. Gauri shows confidence in Omkara and says he doesn’t need to explain himself. Omkara pulls Gauri in his arms, Gauri gets conscious, Pinky sees them and teases them. Gauri and Omkara sneak away. The maid looks for bad oranges and but cannot find them. Gauri takes the juice from the kitchen and apologizes to Shankarji for secretly adding the potion without informing Shivaay. Shivaaay gets surprised to see decorated room and Anika in his gifted dress. Shivaay compliments Anika. Anika gets orange juice for Shivaay and says Gaur has got it for him. Shivaay drinks the juice, Anika says she has one more surprise, it’s a movie. Anika says they will watch the movie in the room itself. Anika says it is a special movie. Anika puts the DVD in the player. Shivaay starts feeling unwell, Anika gets worried as Shivaay runs to the restroom and vomits. Gauri hopes that potion shows the result. Anika makes Shivaay sit on the couch, he sits on the remote, Bhajans start playing. Shivika get shocked, outside Gauri gets surprised. Omkara suddenly touches Gauri and winks at her, Gauri gets shocked. Omkara acts weird, kisses Gauri’s hand. Gauri sees the cake in Omkara’s hand, Omkara praises the cake and says since the time he has eaten the cake, he is feeling different. Gauri smells the cake. Flashback is shown where the juice made for Shivaay fell on Omkara’s cake by Pinky. Pinky makes the juice with bad oranges. Shivaay lies on Anika’s lap feeling unwell. Anika apologizes to Shivaay. Both decide to watch Bhajans. Dadi starts the DVD and gets shocked to see it. Gauri tries to tell Omkara about the potion, Omkara stops her and picks Gauri in his arms. Omkara puts Gauri on the bed and before he can do anything, falls off to sleep. Shivaay says this their bad Karma which is troubling them. TV starts playing Dil Ke Arma Aansoome Beh Gaye, Anika tries to change the song, remote doesn’t work. She throws the remote, candle falls on the curtain. Anika pacifies Shivaay, Shivaay hopes there won’t be any more problems. Anika smells something burning and screams seeing the curtain on fire. Both try to extinguish the fire with extinguisher, Shivika sit helplessly in the burnt room.


Rikara and Ruvya leave from Oberoi Mansion, Anika tells Shivaay that no one is in the house, Shivaay gets happy.


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