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Ek Deewana Tha 21st November 2017 Episode Written Update

Odhni sits down dejected. Shiv’s face is etched on the wall out of the ashes that emanate from the dousing fire! Odhni looks at it in shock.

Vyom asks Sharanya why she went to meet Odhni. I told you to stay away from her so many times. Sharanya asks him why he came. I was about to get answers to all my questions. You messed up everything! He tells her that he is the answers of her every question. Ask me what you want to know. She tells him to stop acting. I want to see his face and wont leave unless I see him! Vyom calls Odhni a liar but Sharanya insists she will help her decode everything. Vyom stays put. You trust her and not me? She says it is about satisfaction. I have to see his face! Vyom pins her to the car. If you know how to act stubborn then I also know how to use force. He

picks her up and makes her sit on the passenger sit against her wish. He tells her she will now do what he will tell her to and drives away.

At Sharanya’s home, Vyom tries to explain her but she warns him not to show any right on her. You wont come here after today! She walks up to her parents. Have I become a burden on you since you want me to marry this guy? Mr. Bisht denies. Sharanya says it means you wont force me for anything. Sharanya breaks all her ties with Vyom and the ones associated with him. Our friendship is over. I never loved him! My decision might be influenced by spirits or my superstitions but it is my decision. Forgive what happened and moved on! Sharanya leaves.

Sharanya closes her room’s door form inside. Vyom knocks at the door. I don’t accept your decision. I even fought with God and fate for you. You have to find a better reason than leaving me for that cheater. I love you but I can never accept this decision of yours! You tied friendship band to me that day and are now breaking it? It cannot happen his way. I know you can hear me. If you are a part of my heart then you will always be a part of my life. We cannot part ways. She asks him what his problem is. I told you I don’t remember either your love or care. I have forgotten everything. Why are you forcing this love on me? Do you want price for what you did for me? He shakes his head. She says you said feelings aren’t forced. They come automatically. I have no feelings for you! She bangs the door on his face. Vyom walks out from there in trance and wipes his tears.

Sharanya cries in her room. I am sorry Vyom. I cannot hurt you but I cannot risk your life because of my past! She thinks of Odhni’s words again. I must go away from you to save your life! Vyom is still standing by the window. You are going through the same amount of pain that you are giving to me. Why are you doing this then? I will erase the difference between loving you and gaining you. Sharanya says I will remove any memory that I have of you and will never think of getting you ever. Vyom thinks nothing will happen to me once I will get you. There is no bigger weakness than incomplete love and no bigger strength than complete love. Even fate cannot do anything if I have you by my side.

The armchair starts moving on its own. Sharanya is alarmed. Shiv relaxes. Vyom is still looking at Sharanya.

Vyom comes to his home and starts throwing things angrily. Vidyut tries to control him but in vain. Vyom warns him to stay away. He even raises a vase to hit his father but stops. Rajan asks him what happened. Vyom hugs him and cries. You only said that love is the biggest happiness of anyone’s life. Why am I in pain then? Sharanya says her happiness lies in me staying away from her. Why am I failing in doing so then? She does not love me. What should I do Dad? Chandni smirks. Rajan explains that they knew it was bound to happen one day. Sharanya has to love you. It is very important to maintain the peace of this house. You cannot lose like this! You have loved her so diligently. You waited for her for 2 years and will give up so easily? I wont let you lose like this. Vyom asks him what he should do then. Rajan heads inside for a minute. Chandni smiles seeing Vyom’s condition. Rajan gives Vyom his guitar. Gather all the broken pieces of your heart and turn it into an art. She loves your music very much. Wake up that love today. Your every word should have so much love that Sharanya cannot say no to you! Fight for your love. Go son! Vyom rushes out with his guitar. Madhvi looks on unhappily.

Bishts try to ask Sharanya to come outside and atleast something. Sharanya tells them to leave. I am fine. Aditya asks her why she speaks badly to Vyom when she feels so bad later on. Sharanya tells him she does not need his advice. Mr. Bisht tells him to leave Sharanya alone for some time. They leave. Sharanya rues that she feels bad to hurt him. I wish I could tell you how much it pains me to talk badly to you. I cannot risk your life because of me though! The armchair starts moving once again. Shiv is lying right next to her. Sharanya begins to feel cold and runs to a corner. She has pinned herself to the wall out of fear. Sharanya comes closer and extends his hand towards her. She is utterly scared and shouts Vyom’s name. She covers herself with a duvet. Shiv is lying next to her. Lights begin to flicker which freaks her out. She lies still. Shiv is about to caress her hair when he hears a horn blaring. Vyom runs inside.

Precap: Shiv has closed all entries to Sharanya’s room using his powers. Mr. Bisht tells Vyom to stop. Go home now. Vyom seems to have exhausted himself by playing / singing for Sharanya. Shiv looks at Sharanya while she sleeps peacefully.

Update Credit to: Pooja


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