Ishqbaaz 21st November 2017 Episode Written Update

Ishqbaaz 21st November 2017 Episode starts with Shivaay throwing red paint on Anika and Anika getting surprised. Some time back… Omkara wakes up with the sound of Gauri’s Aarti. Omkara gets annoyed, Gauri plays it near Omkara. Gauri informs Omkara that he had the love potion which was mixed in the cake.

Omkara gets shocked. Shivaay and Anika wake up in their burnt room, Shivaay gets concerned about Anika as she did not sleep whole night. Omkara informs about the potion to Rudra, Rudra asks Omkara if something happened in Omkara and Gauri, Omkara denies. Rudra and Omkara think of a plan, Bhavya says Shivaay and Anika left to be alone to spend time together. Gauri thinks of they going out, Rudra decides to tell Senior Oberois to go out and even the servants are give an off.

Rikara and Ruvya get ready to leave, Shivaay and Anika question them, Gauri says they are going for the exhibition, Rikara leave, Bhavya makes an excuse and leaves, Rudra says he is going to office and leaves. Anika informs Shivaay that Senior Oberois are gone for picnic and the servants are on holiday. Shivaay gets happy and gets close to Anika. Anika says she has a surprise in Shivaay’s room. Shivaay hesitates, Anika forces Shivaay and asks him to meet her in 5 minutes.

Tej and Shakti play cards, senior Oberois enjoy the picnic. Abhay and Svetlana try to find the man in the video, they ask people around. A man gives them directions to the man. Abhay and Svetlana reach a messy house. Svetlana says they won’t find anyone in that house, Abhay gets annoyed. Svetlana says they must check the stolen things. Shivaay comes and sees Anika in saree, Shivaay gets mesmerized. Anika and Shivaay get close, Anika stops Shivaay from kissing her. Svetlana brings Abhay to the Chor Bazaar. Svetlana takes Abhay to the Electronic shop to deal with the shopkeeper. Anika says she has one more surprise and shows the food that she prepared for Shivaay, Shivaay gets shocked and scared. Anika says she wants to make Shivaay feel special. Anika says she has cooked with love, Shivaay hesitates, Anika gets angry. Shivaay agrees to eat the food, Anika shows pasta that she made, Shivaay hesitates, Anika feeds Shivaay forcibly, they hear someone talking, Shivaay runs to see. Khanna instructs the painters, Shivaay tells them to come next day, painters keep their paints in the Oberoi Mansion, Shivaay tells Khanna to leave and locks the main door. Svetlana and Abhay come in changed avatar and speak to the shopkeeper and try to get the videotapes. Svetlana buys the tapes. A man tries to talk to Abhay and Svetlana and tries to sell them old and mysterious tapes. Svetlana and Abhay go to his shop, Shopkeeper shows them tapes, Svetlana asks for Kalyani Mills fire footage, the shopkeeper gets scared, Abhay shows him money, shopkeeper gives them a tape. Shivaay sees Anika in the living room, Shivaay says he sent the painters away as he doesn’t want anyone to disturb them, Shivaay spills red paint, Anika laughs, Shivaay throws the paint on Anika, she gets surprised. Abhay starts to play the tape, Abhay and Svetlana watch it and see Tej holding lit up matchstick. Abhay says his dad was right, Tej Singh Oberoi started fire in Kalyani Mills. Abhay decides to destory Oberoi family.


Shivaay and Anika get intimate, clad in the paint.


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