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Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 21st November 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Rishi asking Tanuja to listen to him and says he will be always with her in all the births and will never leave her. He will always love her day and night. Tanuja goes in flashback wherein Abhishek tells Tanuja that he will accompany her and says if you tell him that you loves him even now. Tanuja says she just loves Natasha and can sacrifice 1000’s Rishi for her daughter. Abhishek asks Tanuja to make him believe that she wants to move on in life and don’t love him. Fb ends. Tanuja says I know you loves me, I believe on your love, you loves me and not Netra, but I don’t love you. She says now I can’t love you. Pass Aaye manzilien song plays…..

Rishi tells Tanuja that today she told infront of everyone that we used to stay in same room and also told that you don’t

love me. Tanuja asks if everyone know that Netra’s daughter is yours. Rishi don’t clarify her. Ahana looks on tensed. Rishi promises his love and tells that he will bring her back to his house. Tanuja says you don’t need me and says you will take help of Ahana. Rishi says he will not take anyone’s help, one day you will ask me to take you to my house, I have one motive in life and that is to bring you back. Ahana tries to speak. Tanuja says nobody shall interfere and tells sorry to everyone for hurting them. Rano looks angry.

Abhishek thinks about Tanuja’s words that she loves Rishi even now. Maasi comes and tells that she called Pandit ji home to get the marriage rituals done properly. Abhishek says Tanuja don’t love me. Maasi says you always support her in all troubles and one day she will fall in love with you. Abhishek asks if I am more good than Rishi. Maasi says you both are good and she can’t compare them. Abhishek thinks she didn’t answer. Rishi comes to room and takes out his anger and pain thinking about Tanuja’s words. Meri Subah Ho….Alvida plays…..He cries thinking about her words.

Tanuja is walking on road and thinks about Rishi’s words. Song plays…..A woman sees her crying and asks her to visit the temple there and says Goddess will keep your pains away.

Rano comes to Rishi. Rishi says you might be happy today as you don’t want Tanuja to be in my life. Rano says she is happy as Tanu came in his life 27 years back and then she went and again came as Tanuja. Rishi asks why she is saying this as they are two different women. Rano says they are same for her as Tanuja got Tanu’s face after operation. She curses Tanu and Tanuja. Rishi gets a call and goes. Tanuja comes to temple and tells that she will never forgive Goddess. She asks her to give her strength so that she can marry Abhishek.

Pandit ji checks Abhishek’s kundali and says everything is good in his kundali. Maasi gives him Tanuja’s kundali. Pandit ji checks it and says this girl is made for someone else. It is waste to think about marrying her. Abhishek gets up and asks him to leave. Pandit ji says this girl will never marry you in this birth or in any births. Abhishek asks him to leave. Pandit ji says this marriage is not possible and goes out. Maasi asks Abhishek why did he insult Pandit ji. Abhishek asks how can he say that we can’t marry? He don’t know that I love her so much. Maasi says I am on your side, but…She looks at the kundali and thinks what Pandit ji saw in kundali and thinks if Tanuja is made for Rishi.

Natasha asks Rishi if he will marry her mom Tanuja. Pandit ji meets Tanuja and says you will made the man’s destiny for whom you was made and will get him too and asks her not to go against destiny.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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