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Ek Deewana Tha 22nd November 2017 Episode Written Update

Odhni looks at Shiv’s sketch on the well. She clicks a photo of the same but no image is captured. She is shocked. I clicked so many photos but none is visible. Tell me if you need my help. I can help you. She touches the sketch when she is pushed back as she experiences some kind of electrical shock. Lights flicker. She asks him what he wants.

Shiv leans closer to Sharanya but is diverted by the sound of blaring horn. It is Vyom. He knocks at the door. Bishts are surprised to see him at this hour. They invite him in but Vyom says she should come outside. She has pushed me out of the house today! Bishta knock at Sharanya’s room’s door telling her that Vyom has come to meet her. He wants to talk to you. Shiv uses his powers to cover all the exit points of Sharanya’s room with layers

of ice. She also seems to be sound asleep. Mrs. Bisht also asks Sharanya to speak to Vyom once atleast. He has come back to speak to you. They see a reflection on the floor and think it to be Sharanya. They see the same and think her to be Sharanya. They all cajole her to come out to speak to Vyom once but in vain. It was Shiv who has cast this illusion on the floor. He smiles seeing them leave.

Madhvi asks Rajan why he did so. That problem was leaving Vyom alone but how can you be so selfish? I hate you! He swings her around and holds her by her neck. Everyone’s happiness lies in my selfishness. Don’t do this ever again with me! He lets go of her and walks out from the room. Rajan stops for a moment and seems to have calmed down. He walks up to Madhvi and moves closer. I love you very much but not more than myself. He walks out of the room. Chandni has seen it all. I know there is some secret which is why you are so eager to bring Sharanya back in Vyom’s life!

Bishts head back to the door. Vyom understands that she isn’t coming but he is not at all willing to give up.

Shiv smiles seeing Sharanya sleeping.

Vyom starts strumming his guitar which irks Shiv a little. He covers the window with ice too. Vyom sings a song for Sharanya. Bishts feel bad seeing Vyom’s condition. He is all cold and shivering. Shiv is only focusing at Sharanya all this while. Mrs. Bisht covers Vyom with her shawl. Aditya is irked by Sharanya’s behaviour. He knocks at her door but does not get any reply. He tells his parents the same. Mr. Bisht tells Vyom to stop. Come inside. Vyom does not relent. He keeps singing and playing for Sharanya.

Shiv has his eyes glued on Sharanya.

Vyom seems to have exhausted himself by playing / singing for Sharanya.

Sun rises and the ice melts making Shiv very unhappy. Vyom is still singing. His words reach Sharanya’s ears. She sits up with a start and is puzzled to hear Vyom’s voice. She rushes outside. Shiv is miffed.

Sharanya opens the door and notices the ice melting / disappearing. She ignores it and runs to meet Vyom. Vyom and Bishts are sitting in the same place. Sharanya asks Vyom what he is doing. Shiv looks at them from inside. Vyom gets up. Just waiting for you! She falls in Sharanya’s arms. She gets concerned for Vyom. Are you alright? Mrs. Bisht shares that he spent the entire night like this here. Sharanya asks them why they dint tell her. Mrs. Bisht tells her that they have been knocking at her door entire night but she dint open the door. Sharanya tells them that she was sleeping but Mrs. Bisht tells her not to lie. We saw you standing by the window. You could have come earlier. Sharanya suggests taking Vyom inside first.

Everyone is taking care of Vyom. Sharanya recalls seeing the last pieces of ice by the door. I am not intentionally avoiding Vyom. She instructs Aditya to light fireplace. Vyom smiles seeing her concern. I told you Sharanya would come. She is here. Sharanya tells him to be quiet. Romantic song plays in the background. She thinks the more she is trying to go away from him the closer he is coming. Vyom thinks this is just the beginning. Just wait and watch how this will turn out. No one will be able to stop me from loving you! Sharanya feeds him coffee. He leans back relaxed. Shiv is not at all happy to see them thus.

Precap: Sharanya gives medicines to Vyom. It is ok to love but you must leave that love behind which gives you pain. Vyom holds her hand but she chooses to walk away. She decides (or tells Madhvi) that she is leaving Vyom for forever today! Shiv smiles.

Update Credit to: Pooja


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