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Ishqbaaz 22nd November 2017 Episode Written Update

Ishqbaaz 22nd November 2017 Episode starts with Shivaay and Anika getting intimate amid the colors, Laal Ishq plays in the background. Some time back… Shivaay throws red paint on Anika, she gets surprised. Shivaay goes close to Anika, Anika sneaks away and throws red paint on Shivaay, he gets surprised.

Shivaay and  Anika come close, he touches Anika’s face, Anika touches Shivaay’s face, Shivaay kisses Anika’s fingers, both get close. Laal Ishq plays in the background. Shivaay and Anika get intimate as Anika touches Shivaay, Shivaay pulls Anika, the paint falls off, the floor becomes colored. Anika and Shivaay lie down on the floor and get closer. Shivaay kisses Anika, Shivika are seen asleep. Anika wakes up and kisses Shivaay’s cheek, Shivaay asks Anika to kiss on the other cheek. Someone knocks on the door, Anika runs to the room.

Shivaay opens the door, Omkara and Rudra enter, they see him colored, see the floor colored and tease Shivaay. Omkara and Rudra say they need to clear up the mess. Anika blushes remembering her intimate moments with Shivaay. Gauri and Bhavya come, Anika happily hugs them. Oberoi family gathers at the dining table, Shivaay holds Anika’s hand under the table. Dadi asks Anika why is not eating, Shivaay holds her hand tightly, Anika eats with left hand, Jhanvi questions her, Rudra covers up for them.

Gauri laughs, Omkara holds her hand under the table. Dadi asks Gauri why is she eating with left hand, Rudra says it happens. Shivaay and Omkara scold Rudra, Dadi laughs. Dadi says it happens, all laugh. Suddenly everyone hears Abhay’s scream, all gather around Abhay. Abhay tells Shivaay that whatever that he is going to tell them will shock Shivaay the most as he will bring the truth of Oberoi family in front of all. Shivaay gets angry, Omkara stops Shivaay. Abhay says he has come to tell the truth of Kalyani Mills which Oberoi family has supressed from 25 years, all get shocked. Abhay says many died in that fire, and he is one of the sufferers. Abhay says Kalyani Mills fire was not an accident but was a planned thing. Abhay says the culprit is present there. Abhay says Oberoi Mansion is made by insurance money. Shivaay and Omkara refuse to believe in Abhay, Abhay says he is an Oberoi, all get shocked. Abhay says he is the son of Vishal Singh Oberoi, Abhay Singh Oberoi, all remain shocked. Svetlana looks for Abhay and the videotape, Svetlana thinks Abhay sneaked away and decides to teach him a lesson. Dadi gets emotional to know about Abhay being Vishal’s son. Dadi tells about Vishal. Flashback shows Vishal fighting with Tej and Shakt and Vishal telling Tej to accept the truth. Tej tells Dadi that he has not done anything wrong, Dadi supports Tej. Abhay says his father was supporting the truth but Tej and Shakti threw him out of business and family. Tej screams at Abhay and says Vishal was the most cunning, fraud and corrupt man. Abhay screams at Tej and tells him not to say a word against Vishal.


Anika tells Abhay to show the proof, Abhay says he has the tape that will prove his accusations. Abhay puts the tape.


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