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Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 22nd November 2017 Episode Written Update; Rishi Vows to Marry Tanuja!

The Episode starts with Rishi talking to his manager and asks him to buy their shares at high price. Manager says it is a loss for them if they buy their own company shares at high price. Raj asks him to buy the shares. Manager says ok and goes. Raj tells Rishi that everything is fair in love and war and says if you buys our shares back from Abhishek Khurana then you will be at peace and can concentrate on business. He says it is a profitable decision.

Pandit ji sees Tanuja and tells that he has not seen such kundali before and says you will make someone destiny for whom you were made and will get that person. He asks her not to fight with destiny. Rishi meets event manager who refuses to manage their event as they are organizing Abhishek khurana’s wedding. Rishi says ok and all the best. He

thinks Abhishek Khurana. Tanuja thinks of Rishi and Pandit ji’s words. Abhishek asks if Rishi said something, how was the reaction. Tanuja says he never thought in dreams that I will break his heart this way. Later he comes to Tanuja and says he needs to sign on the event management company contract and goes. Tanuja looks on. Rishi thinks Tania might come as the birthday party came to an end. Tanuja comes there in car. Tere Bina plays….

Rishi asks her if you loves Natasha and can do anything for her. Tanuja says yes. Rishi says I am stupid not to understand this and says if the matter is about custody then I will take the case back. Tanuja thinks of Abhishek’s words and thinks if I move back and don’t marry Abhishek then Rishi might not withdraw case and win. She tells him that she will marry Abhishek for their future. Natasha comes there and says she has planned Mr. handsome and her marriage. Tanuja is shocked and goes. Rishi determines to fulfill his promise.

Abhishek talks to the event manager and plans his wedding. He asks him to be there in his house till his marriage. Beeji asks Rishi not to feel bad of Tanuja’s words. Rishi says she is hurting me. Beeji says she can’t hurt you and asks him rest on her lap. She says my Rishi is a tiger and says everything will be fine. Rano hears them and gets upset. Raj tells her that he don’t like the happenings at home. Rano says Tanuja came here, threw her marriage card on Rishi’s card and went, and asks him not to blame her. Raj says he don’t want to listen.

Maasi invites her friend for Abhishek and Tanuja’s wedding. Tanuja comes there and asks did you call me? Maasi says I want you. She asks her to be with Abhishek always. She tells what Pandit ji told her. Tanuja says nothing will happen and she won’t back off.

Rano calls Pandit ji home and asks Ahana to bring breakfast and tea. She asks Netra to get her kundali along with Rishi’s kundali. Beeji asks Ahana why did Rano called him and says she will test him. Pandit ji says I can read your face too. Netra brings kundali. Rishi comes and says he don’t believe on destiny, kundali and God.

Rishi tells Tanuja that he will plan her wedding and thinks he won’t let her marry Abhishek. Abhishek tells Tanuja that he is scared and asks if she will leave him on mandap. Tanuja looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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