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Ek Deewana Tha 23rd November 2017 Episode Written Update

Sharanya’s parents tell Vyom to look after him. He says there is no need, now Sharanya is also with him. Sharanya takes guitar and holds for him. Vyom was opening car, but she says he can’t drive and she gets into accident, so they will go on her scooty. Ghost stares as they leave.

On scooty, Vyom watches Sharanya. They reach Vyom’s house. Madhvi gets tensed seeing bandaid on his finger. Vyom says it’s nothing. Madhvi scolds Sharanya. Chandni comes and says look at Vyom’s smile, it’s all because of Sharanya. She should thank Sharanya. Sharanya tells Vyom she will take him to his room. Madhvi is not happy. Chandni tells Madhvi, last time Sharanya was so scared, today she is so confident. She warns Madhvi to be careful.

In room, Sharanya gives pain

killer to Vyom. She then tells him it’s okay to love, but when it starts giving pain, sadness, then it’s better to leave the love. Vyom says if it was in his control, he would have done that. First he got feeling for her, then she became his habit, and that turned into his need, so now he is helpless. Sharanya asks what good one sided love does. He says she is not able to express what she feels, but he knows she also loves him. When he gets hurt, she feels the pain, she cries. What she will call that? If that’s not love, then what is it? She asks him close eyes and sleep. He says eyes open or close, he sees her only. She says, but to rest, eyes need to be closed. He sleeps. She helps him with blanket and was leaving. Vyom holds her hand and requests her to stay little longer. She sits down. He sleeps holding her hand. She watches him asleep and then recalls Odhni’s words to Vyom that ghost will kill him if he goes closer to Sharanya. She leaves Vyom’s hand and slowly leaves from there with tears in her eyes.

As she comes down, Madhvi blames Sharanya for killing Vyom and asks she is not ashamed doing that? Sharanya says she has given him sleeping pills, he won’t wake up for 6-7 hours. Madhvi asks why she did that. Sharanya says it was needed. Whether anyone believes her or no, she believes her. Since Sharanya came out of coma, something has been happening with Vyom. She is responsible for all that. She also knows if she stays in front of Vyom, then he won’t be able to leave her. That is why, she is leaving. She has fulfilled her duty of being friend and asks her to fulfill her responsibility of being mother and take care of her friend. She is going away from Vyom’s life for forever. Ghost was listening all that, so was Rati. Ghost is happy. Sharanya leaves. Ghost smiles.

Sharanya is back to her house. She is packing her bags. Her family tries to stop her, but she blames her for everything and doesn’t listen them. Her dog also stops her. Her parents tell her not to leave them. They spent 2 years without her with very difficulty. Sharanya requests them not to make her weak, she came to this decision with a lot of difficulty. She tells them no one will tell Vyom where she is going. She leaves.

Madhvi celebrates by drinking alcohol. She threatens Rati not to tell anything to Vyom. Rati says he won’t be able to live without her. Chandni says there is no point explaining all to Madhvi. They have all seen Vyom’s craziness for Sharanya except Madhvi. She was calling Rajan. Madhvi throws her phone away and says if she opens her mouth, then they all will be destroyed, so it will be better if they don’t say anything to Vyom. Vyom comes and asks what they won’t tell? Everyone is quiet. He feels they are hiding something. Madhvi says nothing. Vyom says Sharanya is not well. Madhvi says everything is fine. He asks where is Sharanya. Madhvi says don’t know. Rati tells him that Sharanya is leaving him. She’s going far away from him, everyone. Vyom gets furious and asks why they didn’t tell him this earlier? He walks. Madhvi asks him to stop. Sharanya has given him sleeping pills, how he will be able to drive? Vyom says he will give up his life, but won’t let Sharanya go away from him.

Sharanya comes outside. She feels ghost around her and says, she’s going to keep her family and Vyom safe. She requests to spare them. She sits down in car. Ghost is also in car. He smiles.

Ghost’s lines at the end:
Tu jaha jayegi, mera saath payegi. (Wherever you go, you will find my companionship)
Nafrat hi sahi, par ye deewangi marte dum tak tera saath nibhayegi. (Even with hatred, this passion/madness will forever be with you).

Precap: Vyom meets Sharanya. She says they came very close, but Sharanya, that’s in front of him, doesn’t remember those moments, nor him. Vyom says if there is no place for him in her life, then he doesn’t have life without her. He says alvida (bye), and jumps down a building. Sharanya screams VYOM.

Update Credit to: Simmy


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