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Ishqbaaz 23rd November 2017 Episode Written Update

Ishqbaaz 23rd November 2017 Episode starts with Anika telling Shivaay that no one can separate Shivaay, Omkara, and Rudra. Shivaay says he will not spare whoever comes in between him and his brothers. Omkara tells Rudra that they will always be together, Shivaay joins them.

Some time back… Abhay refrains Tej from saying anything against his father, Shivaay. Omkara and Rudra warn Abhay. Shivaay tells Abhay that Shukla has confirmed that Oberoi family has nothing to do with Kalyani Mills fire, Abhay says Shukla can be lying, Shivaay says Abhay is lying, Abhay says ShivOmRu have not seen real face of Tej and Shakti yet, once the truth is out, Oberoi family’s trust will be broken and ShivOmRu will have to suffer. Anika tells Abhay to show the proof.

Abhay says he has the videotape which supports his accusation. Shivaay tells him to show the proof. Pinky gets worried and suspects Tej behind all the fiasco. Abhay inserts the tape, it doesn’t play, it is a blank tape. Shivaay, Omkara, and Rudra confront Abhay and call him a fraud. Abhay gets a call from Svetlana, she is seen with the original tape, the flashback shows Svetlana exchanging the tape. Shivaay, Omkara, and Rudra tell Abhay to get out of the house and warn him.

Abhay says the truth will be out one day and that day Oberoi family will break in parts. Shivaay, Omkara, and Rudra push Abhay out of the Oberoi Mansion, Dadi remembers the past, Anika stops Shivaay from hitting Abhay. Abhay says he will be back with the proof soon. Dadi remembers Abhay’s words and feels sad. In the night Shivaay remembers Abhay’s words, Anika decides to change Shivaay’s mood. Anika asks for Shivaay’s phone, she tells him to throw it to calm his anger, Shivaay throws his phone in the water. Shivaay feels better, Anika says he should not pay attention to Abhay, Shivaay says sometimes words hit badly, Shivaay says he is hurt as Abhay said ShivOmRu will break apart. Anika tells Shivaay that nobody can separate Shivaay, Omkara, and Rudra, Shivaay says he will not spare the one who tries to separate Oberoi brothers. Pinky gets worried about Abhay’s claims, Senior Oberois get worried and discuss the matter. Shakti says Abhay will be back for sure, Tej assures that nothing will go wrong as ShivOmRu trust them. Anika gets up and gets a sudden backache, Shivaay pulls Anika close and teases her, Anika blushes. Shivaay picks up Anika and puts her on the bed. Shivaay and Anika get close and intimate. Rudra gets angry with Abhay’s words, Omkara calms him and tells they are always together and will be together forever, Shivaay joins them. Dadi comes with Anika, Gauri, and Bhavya. Dadi tells about Tej, Shakti, and Vishal. Dadi says Oberoi family has not treated Vishal well. Dadi says Abhay is part of this family and is angry as his family is ill-treated. Dadi feels guilty of keeping quiet when Tej and Shakti disowned Vishal from the business and family. Dadi seeks ShivOmRu’s help and tells them to bring Abhay back to Oberoi Mansion. Shivaay promises to bring Abhay back and of giving Abhay’s rights to him, Dadi feels happy. Shivaay meets Abhay, Abhay says he is leaving the city, Shivaay apologizes to Abhay for throwing him out. Abhay forgives him, Shivaay asks Abhay to tell the truth, Abhay says he has no proof, Abhay says it was just his anger and that he has been alone since childhood. Shivaay tells Abhay to go back to Oberoi Mansion with him. Abhay says he is married, Shivaay tells Abhay to bring his wife along, Shivaay says Abhay’s wife will get equal rights and respect. Abhay thinks he wanted the same and goes with Shivaay.


Tej screams at Abhay, Shivaay says he brought Abhay in Oberoi Mansion, Dadi says Shivaay has acted as per her wish, Senior Oberois get shocked.


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