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Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 23rd November 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Pandit ji telling everyone that Ahana knows about Rishi’s plan and he will succeed. Ahana says she doesn’t know what is he talking about. She thinks she can’t tell them what Rishi told her. Event management guys come to Abhishek house, followed by Rishi. Tanuja asks him not to do drama infront of them. Abhishek asks why did you come and says they are getting married. Rishi says he heard about their marriage. Tanuja reminds him that she has invited him and his family for her marriage. Rishi says it was some card, he didn’t see. He asks event management guys to go out. They go out. Rishi tells them that he has bought the company with which they have signed contract for their wedding. He says he will do their marriage arrangements now. Abhishek refuses to let him plan their


Rishi tells that he will do all the detailing of their marriage and thinks he won’t let the marriage happen. Pandit ji tells that Ahana knows everything. Rano asks her to tell. Ahana says I myself don’t know. Pandit ji says ok, don’t tell. Raj says Pandit ji is checking Rishi’s kundali, he will tell us. He counts something on his finger and says anarth, impossible and are about to go angry. He says I haven’t seen such kundali and tells that he has Marak Dosh in his kundali. He says that kaal is coming again in his life, and asks them to find some solution. Raj asks him to tell. Pandit ji says some bad thing will happen in your son’s life and his life will be in pain.

Abhishek tells Rishi that he will pay her money and says you can’t handle our marriage event. Rishi says this contract is important and I will take it. Tanuja comes and says she needs to talk to Rishi. She says if you want to be my wedding planner, then there will be a problem as we had a past. Rishi says yes, we had a past and when I am infront of you, you can’t marry Abhishek. He says this is your fear and my love. Tanuja says you feels like this. She calls Gauri and tells her that Rishi is organizing their marriage functions and asks her to show guest room to him. She asks Abhishek to come as she wants to talk to her. Rishi asks him to go.

Raj comes to Ahana and asks her to make her office formal clothes ready. Ahana says I know. Raj says do you know that I will handle office for some days. Ahana says I know. He says Rishi went to Tanuja’s room. Ahana says Rano likes Netra much as she dislikes Tanuja. Raj says he wants Tanuja to come back home. Gauri takes Rishi to guest room and apologizing for giving him wrong info. Rishi says he will marry Tanuja only.

Rishi thinks Tanuja is his and can’t marry anyone else. Abhishek says he can’t bear him here and tells that he will throw him out. Tanuja asks him to let him be here for custody case, as if they marry infront of him then he can’t refuse that they are married. Abhishek says you said right. Tanuja says let him be here, we will marry soon. Abhishek asks what about your feelings for him.

Rishi calls Ahana and tells her that he is in Tanuja’s house. He told with confidence that he will take her back, and she also refused with confidence. Ahana asks him if he got scared. She feels bad as she couldn’t go with him. Rishi asks her not to let her go once she comes back. Ahana promises him. Rishi asks her to send her clothes to him. Tanuja tells that she loves Rishi, but she chooses Natasha over Rishi. Abhishek asks if she will leave him on mandap. Tanuja looks on.

Natasha and Rishi are laughing. Tanuja comes and asks what is the matter. Natasha asks him not to tell Tanuja. Tanuja asks her to go as her papa is calling her. Natasha calls Papa to Rishi which surprises both of them.


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