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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd November 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Naira and Kartik dancing on tauba tumhare ye ishare….. and romancing. Suwarna’s brother comes home and greets everyone. Suwarna asks is everything fine, how did you come suddenly. He says son…., I mean I wanted to talk to you about my son…. Dadi asks Suwarna to go and talk to him. Rajshri offers help. Suwarna and her brother go. Surekha says he should have called before coming. Dadi says don’t know what happened that he came running.

Aryan is close to Kartik and Naira. He hears music and passes by. Kartik shouts I love you Anamika. Aryan stops. Naira jokes. Naksh points a fake gun at Kartik. Kartik and Naira get glad seeing them and hug. They have a talk. Kartik says we will roam together and separately too. Kirti asks what’s

the plan, couple-couple or… Kartik says yes, we will meet later. Naksh says we will go and get freshen up at the hotel. They leave. Aryan says my plan was perfect, why is there no news about Kartik. Kartik asks shall we continue our film now. Naira says yes.

Kirti asks why are you not stopping me from entering shops, we came here for tour, not for shopping. Naksh says why shall I stop you, you can do what you want, as you like it, come. She slips. He holds her. Shayad yehi hai pyaar….plays… They have an eyelock.

Naira asks what’s the man doing. Kartik says maybe he has a girl in life, he is doing this to impress her. Naira calls him despo. They see a couple exchanging rings. She says I don’t want ring from family’s money, I want self esteemed guys, not rich ones. He asks really and goes. He tells everyone that he has a girlfriend, he wants to propose to her, but he doesn’t have money to buy a ring for her, they can help him. He shows his love Naira. He plays music and dances. The people doesn’t like and get leaving. Naira says please don’t go, you want to see traditional dance in indian weddings. She starts dancing. Kartik dances with her. The people also join. Yeh rishta…..plays…… Kartik and Naira get money. Kartik says its not my sole earnings, you also helped me. She says its ours, not mine and yours. He says cool, its a yes. She says no. They laugh.

Suwarna asks what. Her brother says yes, your son is missing, someone said he is in Udaipur. She asks did you ask his friends. He says yes, no one knows about him, I m scared…. she says no, we will do something. He says police is not listening, maybe it can help if you come. Naksh asks shall we go museum. Kirti asks museum? He says you can say, I was just suggesting. She says we will go. He says no, I will find out about other place. She slips. He holds her. She says its because of heels. He says we will buy flat sandals, your foot can twist. He removes his shoes and walks. She removes her heels and walks. They smile.

Manish and Akhilesh ask inspector what proof do they have against Kartik. Inspector says we are checking notes, then crime will be proved. Suwarna and her brother come to the police station and see Manish and Akhilesh. Suwarna asks Manish is everything fine. He asks what are you doing here. She says my brother lost something, so we came to file report. Manish asks was it valuable. She says no, some papers. Manish says we came for office work, do you want help. She says no, I m with him. Manish and Akhilesh leave. She says truth would have come out, I don’t want to tell him anything.

Kartik and Naira get the rings. He says diamond is fake, but love is true. He gets down on knees. She also sits and says I have right to sit, this ring came by our hardearned money. He says I love my life, I didn’t know it would be so interesting. They exchange rings. He thanks her. She asks him not to give any speech. They joke and laugh. He asks so can I …. she hugs him.

Kirti likes the video and thanks Naksh. She says now I will make your video, I feel I came here alone, come with me. He says don’t get annoyed, I never did this, I can do this if you want, no problem. She asks a lady to make a video. They dance. Father blesses Kartik and Naira. Kartik says thanks, we just got engaged. Father asks why. Naira says no money for marriage. Father says tomorrow, come to the church. Kartik says sure, wow we will get a chance to attend someone’s wedding, we are father’s guest. She says I heard about Greek wedding. He says we are not Naira and Kartik, we just got engaged and we have to go in wedding tomorrow. They smile.

The man says we will arrange your wedding, as you told father that you don’t have money to wed. Naksh says they think its your marriage. Kartik asks what. Kartik and Naira marry.

Update Credit to: Amena


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