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Ek Deewana Tha 24th November 2017 Episode Written Update

Sharanya tells the spirit to atleast go away now. Shiv is sitting in the passenger seat and smiles. The cab drives away.

Bishts run outside to stop her but only see her leaving. They are in tears.

Odhni finds a big cloth. I will find out everything about him once I get only the reflection / shadow of his face! She covers it over his sketch. I have the power to capture you too. Show me your face. You are a spirit and not some bride. Show me your face. Someone knocks at her door just then. Odhni lets go of the cloth and goes to check. A guy gives her something. She tells him his timing is perfect. I had to tell you something but I will tell you once I will find out the entire truth. The guy leaves.

Vyom says she wants to save my life by going away from me. Does she not know

that she will snatch my life from me this way? I cannot live without her. He asks Bishts about Sharanya but Mr. Bisht tells Aditya to take Vyom home. Vyom stays put. He requests Aditya to tell him something. Aditya says nothing in reply. Vyom falls on his knees. I begged God to return me my Sharanya for 2 years. Today I am kneeling before you. Please tell me where my Sharanya is. Mr. Bisht makes him stand. Have you gone mad? Sharanya wanted to leave you and you must understand it! Vyom pins him on the wall angrily. Nawab barks at him and everyone else also panics. Vyom asks him if he should accept that Sharanya cannot become his. How should I accept this? He throws a pot in anger. God too returned Sharanya to me seeing me in pain. Now you will tell me about her whereabouts seeing my pain. He begins banging his head on the wall. They try to stop her but he stays put. If she wants to go away from me then I will die. Tell her that Ek Deewana tha who couldn’t become anyone else’s if he could not become his. Mrs. Bisht ends up telling him that Sharanya has left for Delhi. She will leave for London tomorrow if you don’t make it in time. Vyom says I wont let her even cross Mussorie’s border and runs out.

Sharanya stops at a temple. This temple looks so familiar. Shiv also steps out of the car. Sharanya looks back as she begins to feel cold again. She goes inside the temple to pay her respects. I am leaving this city. Please protect my family in my absence. Give strength to Vyom. A lady also comes there. Sharanya begins to go but the lady recognizes her. Sharanya stares at her blankly. The lady is pleased to see Sharanya after so long. You haven’t changed a bit. You are as sweet as you were. Why is there no vermilion or mangalsutra? You married him right? Sharanya asks her if she knows her. The lady asks her if she forgot her. You used to come here every day after college. He too came along one day. He used to love you madly. He dint know anything about prayers but he had a good heart. I told you that your Jodi is inseparable and you both should marry. I also told you that his life will be in danger if you will go away from him. Sharanya relates it all with Vyom. The lady asks her if the guy is fine or not. Where is he? You both are made for each other. He wont live without you! Sharanya asks her what she is saying. Are you trying to scare me by talking about such things? First that Odhni and now you! Why are you doing this to me? No one’s destiny is attached to anyone. Everyone has got individual destinies. The lady tells her against it. Don’t leave him or he will end up losing his life. Sharanya walks away while the lady keeps telling her not to leave the guy. He needs you. Sharanya thinks I only get one feeling. Vyom’s life is in danger if he stays with me. She sits in the cab again. That lady reaches there chasing Sharanya but sees her leaving. She senses something strange and looks back. Shiv is staring at her.

Sharanya cries as she looks at her ticket. Memories of moments spent with Vyom flash before her eyes and her eyes well up. The wind becomes cold once again. She says I know you are right here. I am leaving. This is what you wanted right? Please leave my family and Vyom alone now. Shiv walks up to her.

Sharanya sits in the bus. It is only a matter of few hours and Vyom’s life will be out of danger. I am sorry Vyom but I had to do this. She is feeling cold again. She looks on both the sides. Shiv is sitting right next to her. Vyom is driving fast so as to stop Sharanya.

He stops his car right in front of Sharanya’s bus. Driver applies brakes suddenly. Shiv looks upset. Vyom gets on the bus and finds Sharanya. You were leaving me? She nods. Don’t stop me now. I have to go. He tells her to ask for his life instead. Don’t talk of leaving. She tells him to leave. Passengers advise them to talk somewhere else. Vyom says earlier it was just that I liked you but now I don’t like anytihgn without you. Sharanya notices the change in the wind. He is here somewhere but

Precap: Sharanya tells Vyom they have come really close to each other today but this Sharanya today has no memories of him or of them together. Vyom says if this Vyom has no place in her life then he has no right to live. He jumps off the building. Sharanya shouts Vyom in shock.

Update Credit to: Pooja


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