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Ishqbaaz 24th November 2017 Episode Written Update

Ishqbaaz 24th November 2017 Episode starts with Oberoi family waiting for Abhay’s wife. Svetlana enters the Oberoi Mansion, all get shocked. Some time back… Tej screams seeing Abhay, Shivaay comes forward and says he got Abhay in Oberoi Mansion, senior Oberois get angry.

Dadi comes and says Shivaay acted on her request. Dadi says she did not want her grandsons to repeat the mistakes that her sons made. Dadi says she won’t let her house break and Abhay will stay with them. Pinky objects and warns Dadi against Abhay. Omkara and Rudra apologize to Abhay, Shivaay promises to give family’s love to Abhay. ShivOmRu welcome Abhay, they share Obro hug. Dadi tells Senior Oberois to welcome Abhay happily. Anika thanks Abhay for all that he did.

Shivaay tells them Abhay is married. Abhay says his wife will come next day. Dadi tells Anika and Gauri to prepare to welcome Abhay’s wife. Rudra gives a gift to Rudra. Anika checks for the arrangements with Bhavya. Gauri makes the flower garland, Omkara offers help. Gauri and Omkara make the garlands together, Omkara holds Gauri’s hand, both get lost in each other. Rudra and Bhavya come and get surprised to see Rikara, they try to bring Rikara to senses, they move the chairs, Rikara stay lost in each other.

Rudra brings fake snake, Rikara scream and fall down. Omkara gets annoyed with Rudra, Gauri, Rudra, and Bhavya sneak away. Shivaay teases Anika over her backache and gets close. Shivaay says he wants to live the paint moments, again and again, Shivaay goes close to Anika, Abhay comes, Shivaay and Anika get conscious. Abhay praises Shivaay and Anika.  Abhay thinks that Shivaay has made a big mistake by bringing him. Oberoi family gathers to welcome Abhay’s wife, a lady with ghoonghat enters the Oberoi Mansion. As Abhay’s wife enters, all get happy, Abhay says his wife is shy and hence the ghoonghat, Abhay brings her, drums play aloud. Abhay asks everyone to close their eyes, all close their eyes. Abhay’s wife turns out to be Svetlana. Everyone opens eyes, Abhay introduces Svetlana Abhay Singh Oberoi, Oberoi family gets shocked. Everyone remembers the past moments with Svetlana. Svetlana says why no one is welcoming her, why all are quiet. Abhay tries to introduce everyone, Svetlana says she knows everyone very well. Svetlana goes to Tej and says she had the oldest relationship with Tej. She calls Tej as father in law. Svetlana instigates Tej and calls him Bade Papa. Svetlana goes to Dadi and snatches the Kangan. Svetlana says her dream of becoming Oberoi family’s daughter in law. Svetlana instigates Tej, Omkara, and Gauri. Svetlana calls Gauri her Jethani and taunts Anika. Omkara gets furious and screams at Svetlana. Omkara tells Svetlana to get out from Oberoi Mansion. Svetlana makes complaint drama to Shivaay and bends down to touch Shivaay’s feet, Shivaay holds her hand and takes her out of Oberoi Mansion.


Shivaay tells Oberoi family that Svetlana will stay with them, Omkara supports Shivaay. Anika objects and threatens Svetlana. Shivaay screams at Anika and tells her to go to the room. Svetlana smirks.


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