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Tu Aashiqui 24th November 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Uday giving the guitar to Ahaan. He calls Pankti and says we reached airport. Pankti tells Ahaan that its his return gift, if he gets music, he will get lyrics too. Ahaan says but not Pankti, strange I got a gift on your birthday. She says I got my gift. He says I promise I will come to meet soon till then take care. Jagdish sees Ahaan at the airport and tells JD that Ahaan went inside the airport, his friend gave him guitar. Uday waves to Ahaan and goes. Jagdish says work is done boss, Ahaan is out of your way now. JD smiles. Ahaan comes out and recalls Aparna’s words. He says thanks Maa, you have shown me the right way, that person was following me. FB shows Ahaan seeing a car following him. Ahaan says maybe he forgot, when sight moves, some accident happens, now the hunter

will know how it feels when he becomes a prey. Anita asks what, Ahaan has gone. JD says yes. Anita praises his smartness. He says party will be at home, imp people will be coming. She asks who. He ends call and smiles.

Jagdish gives the bill and asks for 10 lakhs, JD said she will pay as its her punishment to let Pankti free. He goes out. Uday keeps an eye on him. Pankti gets sad. Purva says love is strange, it can make a person smile and cry. Pankti says no, I m really happy, don’t know why tears get rolling out. Purva says don’t say its tears of happiness, I can see your sadness. Pankti says I wish I get habitual to these tears again. Pankti misses Ahaan. Purva asks her to think again and stop Ahaan. Anita comes there. She gets angry on Pankti. She says Jd will trouble me, he asked for 10 lakhs, Ahaan has gone by happiness, if you do anything, he will throw Ahaan in any desert, do as JD tells you, understood. Pankti asks won’t you wish your golden eggs laying hen. Anita says happy birthday and leaves. Purva says now my gift, we will go to book store. Anita says I will come along.

Uday follows Jagdish. He gets shocked seeing him going to JD’s company. He says what’s this man doing here. Anita, Pankti and Purva come back and get shocked seeing the house decorated for a dance performance. Anita asks Jagdish what’s this, its not any birthday party decorations, it looks like any Mujra place. Jagdish says its JD’s order. The guests take selfies with Anita. The men get waiting for the dancer. Anita calls JD and asks who are these people, I don’t know them. JD says you can get friendly. She says this looks like a Kotha. He says its my house, you just stay there, take care of my guests. He warns her and ends call. Sheetal comes and asks JD to come. He asks where. She says you said about your friend’s party, let’s go. The servant change things and say its JD’s order. The man waits for Mujra. Anita looks on.

The singers come. Anita asks did JD call you, go and sit. JD says he is my business associate, you will get bored there. Sheetal doubts on him and asks is he lying. He says fine, change jewelry and come, diamonds suit you. She jokes. He says I like this, you are special. She goes. He sprays perfume. Sheetal shows the diamond necklace. She feels unwell by the perfume. He says so sorry, I forgot you are allergic. He calls out Aparna. Aparna comes and asks what happened, where is your inhaler. JD says I was in hurry and used perfume, I forgot, sorry. Aparna asks Sheetal not to go. She says JD shouldn’t go leaving Sheetal in this state. Sheetal asks him not to go. He agrees.

The man says JD can come later, where is the entertaining thing. The men talk cheap. Purva looks around. The men ask is she the dancer. Anita asks what’s happening here, its birthday party, no dancer is called here. She sends Purva. Uday and Ahaan reach Pankti’s house. Ahaan says thanks, you said party is here, we should find some way to get in. Uday says there is a way. He gives the clothes. He says I had to tell something imp, those goons went to your… Ahaan asks what. Uday says leave it, we will get ready and go in first, then I will tell you.
Anita calls JD and asks did you call any dancer. Ahaan and Uday take disguise of waiters and get in. He says no, ask Pankti to come out and dance. Anita gets shocked and says Pankti? He taunts her. He asks her to keep her motherly love with money. She says fine, I will ask Pankti to dance. Purva hears this and gets shocked. She goes to Pankti and says I heard mum telling JD that…. Anita comes and asks Pankti to dance and entertain the people, this is your punishment. The man asks when will the program start now. Ahaan says its a cheap party, I have seen such set up in old films, I will catch that devil today, till when will he hide. Pankti gets ready and wears the long dupatta. She asks Purva is she looking fine. Anita asks her not to do any drama today. Pankti says I can’t celebrate with family, cutting cake, mum’s wish, blessings, you can’t do this, what will I do, I will just entertain, I will dance for Ahaan, not his low grade people of high society.

Pankti performs on Maar dala….. JD comes and throws ghungroos at Pankti, asking her to continue dance. Ahaan comes in between and removes the fake disguise. JD and Pankti get shocked seeing Ahaan.

Update Credit to: Amena


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