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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th November 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Kartik and Naira talking of attending someone’s wedding. He buys icecream. His wallet falls down. Naira says he got careless, I will not give this to him. She keeps it. A lady sees her and shouts she is a thief, she kept your wallet in her bag. Naira says your wallet fell down, I kept it to trouble you. Kartik says its no problem, she is my wife, we are actually married. He does drama and asks Naira to run away. Naira runs. The people run after her. Kartik sats strange people, they are interfering leaving their own work. He runs after them. Kartik and Naira get saved and hug. He says enough of this game now. She says yes, marriage can get cancelled while making new love story. He says yes, we have to attend someone’s wedding. She says we have to call Naksh

and Kirti too. Manish says we have to sort out and find who has trapped Kartik, I just have to get him once.

Suwarna stands facing away while inspector sees Aryan’s pic. Aryan says what am I doing, where am I stuck, its because of Suwarna, she snatched my right for step son, Kartik has become owner of business and I m doing small job here. Kartik drives. Naksh asks him to drive well. Naira says I will drive. Kartik jokes. Aryan sees the car and says why do I feel its Kartik there. He runs to see. Kartik drives off. Aryan says no, how can Kartik be here. He gets a call and says I have to go church. Suwarna replies Manish. Her brother apologizes. She says no, you have always helped me. He says I didn’t fulfill a small responsibility, just pray he is fine, you always prayed for Kartik, pray for him too.

Kartik, Naira, Naksh and Kirti come to the church and like it. They greet the father. The man tells them that father said you have no money for wedding. Naksh says they think its your wedding. Naira says father invited us for wedding. Father says their wedding. Naksh says they are already married. Father says they said only engaged. Kirti says they got married in India. Father says sorry, my fault. Kartik says no, its our fault too. Naksh says its your turn to do something for him. Kirti says you should get remarried. Naksh says you won’t such chance again. Kartik says who thought we will leave game but the game won’t leave us. Naira says game should have happy ending. They go and get ready. Naira hugs Kirti. Naira and Kartik smile. Manish gets stressed. He says we should manage this at low level. Akhilesh says we should tell Kartik, if he knows this by media, he will get a shock. Manish says I will not leave the one who did this.

Naksh gets Naira. Kartik smiles seeing her. Kartik gives her flowers. They follow rituals and say their vows. Kirti says I believe in fairy tales seeing them. Kartik and Naira vow to love each other always. Father says now you may kiss the bride. Kartik signs Naira. Kirti and Naksh smile. Kartik kisses on Naira’s forehead. She kisses him too. They take blessings of the father. Everyone claps. Music plays. Kartik and Naira hug Naksh and Kirti. They thank everyone for giving a happy ending to their love story. Naira recalls her marriage. Kirti says this rasam happens here too, see traditions are same. Kartik and Naira cut the cake and feed each other. They have champagne. Everyone claps. Naksh says Kirti and I want to gift something, say love…. Kartik and Naira pose and say love. Naksh clicks their pics. Dil beh chala…..plays…. They have a dance. Yahan wahan….plays….

Manish tells Kartik that he is accused for bribing the official. Kartik says who can do this. Aryan sees Kartik dancing.

Update Credit to: Amena


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