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Zindagi Ki Mehak 24th November 2017 Episode Written Update; Shaurya Arrested!

Scene 1
Mandhar takes Neev home. He is crying. Mandhar says if he goes out I will hit him too bad. Julie says he won’t go please don’t hit him. Mandhar goes somewhere.
Mahak makes shaurya tea. He says what happened Mahek. She says close your eyes and rest. He says what if you go? She says I wont. He holds her hand and says why didn’t you run when you could? Mahek sees his blood in her hairline.

Archie says to Mandhr there is a plan but you have to do something. He says I can do anything. Archie pours wine. He says you have to do one thing that will make things go in your way. There is no way of going out. He says i don’t give up.

Scene 2
Mahek wakes up next morning. Shaurya is asleep.
Mandhar comes home. He says when will ma come? Mandhar

says come let me take you to mom. Julie says where are you going? He says I am going to bring his mom back.
Mahek sees her photo with Shayra and her head hurts. Neev says I won’t go with ma.
Mandhar puts oil on neev. He says I will burn him to bring Mahek back. Neev says papa please dn’t kill me. Julie says leave him please don’t do this. He locks julie and takes Neev with him.
Jeevan and everyone see Mandhar on TV. Karuna and Dolly see it too. Mandhar is going to burn Mahek.

Mahek faints. Shaurya sees her. He says what happened are you okay? She says I am suffocating. Shaurya takes her to hospital.
Police comes. Mandhar says if someone comes near I will burn myself and him. No one come near me or you will get burned too. Police ask him to stop. He says bring my wife back that Shaurya kidnapped. You police can’t do anything. We were doing wedding and Shaurya took my wife. Police says we will investigate but leave the child. Kaaruna says leave the child. He says what should Id o. Media is reporting against Shaurya. People are protesting. Police everywhere looks for Shaurya.
Kanta says let me go we can save the child we know them. Police lets them go. Mandhar says Shaurya relatives came. They will say he didn’t do anything. Mandhar says if Mahek doesn’t come in fifteen minutes we will kill ourselves.
He says only ten minutes are left. Shauray is taking Mahek to hospital. He goes to hospital.
When he comes back to car Mahek isn’t there.

Mandhr says we will burn in a few minutes. Neev is crying. Shaurya looks for Mahek. He gets the video on his phone.
Mandhar says your time is over. We will burn our selves. Mahek comes and says Neev. She hugs Neev. Mahek says neev no one will har you. She throws the fire away. Shaurya comes there.
Mandhar says this is Sharya. Shaurya throttles Mandhar. Karuna says leave him please. Shaurya says you used neev for your drama. Mahek says enough.

Precap-Shaurya says I love you Mahek. Mahek says but I hate you. Stay away from my life. Please arrest him. Police arrests Shaurya.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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