Beypanhaa: Jennifer Winget’s NEW Show First Look!

The fans of Jennifer Winget were a morose lot after the ending of Beyhadh. Jennifer Winget had kept her fans ecstatic and watching viewers enthralled as the obsessive but ethical-in-her own way  Maya.


The fans were impatient and curious to know about her upcoming show, so was I.

Speculations were rife about the show, Jennifer’s character, look and what would be her character. Though there were rumors whispering that the show was a take off from yesteryear hit movie, ‘Katie Patang’ the narration seemed to lean towards Saif Ali Khan-Rani Mukherjee starrer ‘Hum Tum’. Is the show inspired from this movies or has it forked its own path?


The first look of Beypanhaa (initially named as Adhura Alvida) shows Jennifer as a demure homemaker Zoya. She is deeply in love with her husband (played by Sehban Azim). Both are lost in their own little world.

A world that is shattered by a phone call!


The first look shows two happily married couple, dressed in whites relaxing in their bedroom. Zoya and her husband are deeply in love and very much happy. They are sharing intimate moments.

Next shot is of Zoya with a book in her hand, answering a phone call. Zoya is shocked listening to the message from the other end. The book drops from her nerveless fingers while she continues to gaze unseeingly in shock.

Jennifer Winget dressed in white is the epitome of demure, Indian beauty. She is the mix of tradition and modern. The decor is pleasing to the eye as is the subtle chemistry between Jennifer Winget and Sehban Azim.


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