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Ishqbaaz 27th November 2017 Episode Written Update; Shivika Passionate Kiss!

Ishqbaaz 27th November 2017 Episode starts with Shivaay scolding Anka for ignoring him, Anika throws jewelry boxes and tells Shivaay that he can’t stop her from talking. Shivaay warns Anika, she doesn’t pay heed, Shivaay kisses Anika. Some time back… Shivaay throws Svetlana out, Shivaay tells Svetlana to go and threatens to call the police, Svetlana threatens Shivaay that if Police comes, Oberoi family will go in jail.

Omkara gets annoyed, Anika consoles Omkara. Svetlana blackmails Shivaay over the videotape of Kalyani Mills fire which has proof against Oberoi family. Svetlana shows the video to Shivaay in which he sees Tej with lit matchstick, Shivaay refuses to believe the tape, Svetlana blackmails Shivaay about Media provocation to destory the Oberoi family, Shivaay gets shocked and asks Svetlana for her price. Anika consoles Dadi saying that Shivaay will handle everything, Shivaay comes with Svetlana. All get shocked. Shivaay tells everyone that Svetlana will stay with them, all get angry, Shivaay gives a signal to Omkara, Omkara supports Shivaay and accepts the decision.

Anika opposes and confronts Shivaay. Shivaay tells Anika to keep quiet, Anika asks about Svetlana’s blackmail. Svetlana instigates Anika, Anika gets angry and argues with Svetlana, Shivaay screams at Anika and tells Anika to go to the room. Svetlana smirks, all disperse. Svetlana says she is back. Abhay gets angry with Svetlana for ill-treating Oberoi family and about everyone knowing Svetlana already. Abhay confronts Svetlana, she says she wants revenge on Oberoi family. Anika ignores Shivaay, he tries to talk to Anika, Shivaay gets angry and screams at Anika for ignoring him, Anika throws the jewelry boxes, Anika gets angry for Shivaay screaming on her, Shivaay and Anika fight, Shivaay refuses to let Anika know the reason of letting Svetlana stay, Anika gets angry and says Shivaay has no trust in Anika.

Abhay warns Svetlana not to bugger up his plan, Svetlana gives water to Abhay, he throws it, Svetlana pushes Abhay and warns him to tone down. Svetlana tells Abhay that she has the tape and hence Abhay must follow her word. Abhay says Svetlana is the most cunning woman, Svetlana says she is the best. Shivaay says Anika needs to trust him, Anika says Shivaay never tells her anything, Anika says she will keep talking till Shivaay doesn’t tell her the truth, Shivaay tells her to keep quiet, Shivaay pulls Anika in his arms, Shivaay warns Anika again, Anika says she is not afraid of Shivaay, Shivaay kisses her, Anika gets shocked and quiet. Shivaay tells Anika that he needs time to sort out Svetlana problem, and that he will tell her the truth in time. Anika walks out, Shivaay thinks to save Tej he has to tolerate Svetlana. Anika blushes remembering the kiss. Rudra tells Omkara that he cannot tolerate Svetlana, Omkara tells Rudra they have to do it for Shivaay, Omkara consoles Rudra and tells him to relax. Rudra thinks this time he will protect Shivaay and Omkara. Svetlana informs the Oberoi housekeeping staff that she has organized a press conference for making an important announcement, she tells she wants everything to be perfect and tells the changes to be done. Svetlana goes to Gauri in the kitchen and calls her a servant. Svetlana reminds Gauri of Chulbul and criticizes her food. Svetlana tells Gauri to make International cuisine in the dinner, Anika and Bhavya come and confront Svetlana. Anika tells Svetlana to leave and shows her red chili powder to scare Svetlana, Bhavya shows the knife to Svetlana, Anika, Gauri and Bhavya make Svetlana leave. Svetlana decides to teach them a lesson, sees hot fry pan and throws water on it with the water gun, Anik, Bhavya and Gauri get shocked with the hot steam, Anika goes close to turn off the burner, Shivaay comes and pulls Anika away, Svetlana laughs, all scold Svetlana. Svetlana complains about Anika, Shivaay scolds Svetlana and tells her not to say a word against Anika. Svetlana says she has her Muh Dikhayi in front of media, she asked Oberoi Bahus to make continental food, but they got in the fight with Svetlana. Anika warns Svetlana, Svetlana makes drama. Anika challenges Svetlana of ruining Svetlana’s Muh Dikhayi.


Shivaay asks Anika about being ready for Svetlana’s party, Anika gets close to Shivaay, Shivaay gets restless and worried


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