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Kasam Tere Pyar Ki 27th November 2017 Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Rishi thinking about Tanuja. Tanuja comes and asks him not to be in fake impression. Myra comes to Maasi’s room and says she don’t know whom to support Rishi or Abhishek. Maasi says Rishi has taken over Vikram’s company and that’s why organizing the event. Myra says I shall support Abhishek being his sister. Tanuja asks Rishi about the food and is talking about her marriage plan with Abhishek when Rishi asks her to have food. She refuses. He forcefeed food in her mouth. She gets angry. Rishi asks if she is taking revenge on her. Tanuja says she can’t take revenge as if he feels pain then she will also feel pain. Rishi gets happy and asks her to make him have food too, if she is taking revenge then do it fully. He promises to take her to his home.

Maasi tells that

the food made by Tanuja is fine. Rishi thinks Tanuja is doing all possible acting so that I don’t see her acting. Tanuja thinks he will sit beside me and gets up. Rishi asks her to sit. Tanuja thinks he will hold my hand then. Rishi says you are thinking wrong and says he will make his own food. Maasi says you can have food with us. Tanuja says she will ask Gauri to make food. Rishi refuses and says he will make his own food. He goes to kitchen and thinks he can make aloo ka paratha etc.

Tanuja comes and asks if he knows how to make aloo paratha. He says those who can eat, can make it too. He tries to get flour and some of it falls on him. Tanuja says you have made aloo ka paratha of yourself. Rishi says something fell down in his eye. Tanuja looks in his eyes. Gauri comes there. Tanuja goes out of kitchen. Rishi also comes out. Abhishek laughs on Rishi. Rishi says I will hug you. Abhishek says no. Tanuja says he has spoiled the kitchen and asks him to change his clothes. Rishi asks her to give towel. Tanuja asks him to show his planning for the marriage event. Rishi says he will show her after freshening up.

Ahana gets angry on Manpreet and says she thought they are not only husband and wife, but also friends. Manpreet apologizes to her and says next time he will tell her before going to Tanuja’s house. Netra hears them and thinks she won’t let Rishi be at Tanuja’s place and thinks how can Tanuja allow him. They might get closer, she won’t let them unite. Rishi shows the design to Tanuja. Tanuja says she will call her to be husband. Rishi says I am standing here. Tanuja looks at him.

Rishi says I will be only your husband. Tanuja says she will call Abhishek. Rishi says he does what he says. Tanuja says it is a lie. Rishi asks her to return home. She refuses. He holds her hand and says he haven’t hold it for first time. Sanjay and Manoj comes. Tanuja says she will call her to be husband. Rishi says your husband is here and points at himself. Sanjay and Manoj looks on. Rishi tells her that it was just a trailer and he will show her full picture. Abhishek comes there. Rishi shows him reference for the event. Abhishek and Tanuja selects the same stage and theme. Rishi says good choice and signs her.

Rishi asks Tanuja why she came to restaurant, to meet whom? Tanuja says Abhishek called her to have coffee. Just then Rishi seems Abhishek with client and smiles. Tanuja looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


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