Zindagi Ki Mehak: Mehak Agrees to Work in Shaurya’s Restaurant!

Do you want to know the upcoming track of your favourite show Zindagi Ki Mehek? Well you are in the right place then!

The Zee TV’s drama produced by Parin Multimedia has an interesting track lined up for the upcoming episodes.

As we know, Shaurya (Karan Vohra) has kidnapped Mehek in his own Khanna house while Mehek (Samiksha Jaiswal) is trying all the means to run away.

Now, in the coming episodes, Mandaar (Sunny Sachdev) will reach Khanna mansion and would ask Shaurya to let Vandana (Mehek) go along with him. When Shaurya will refuse it, Mandaar will threaten to set himself on fire along with his kids. Mandaar will also call the cops to arrest Shaurya on kidnapping Vandana.

However, cops will arrest Shaurya and Mandaar both. While, Shaurya will get bail in a day’s time, Mandaar will still be behind the bars.

But here comes the twist!

Shaurya will put a condition in front of Mehek that if she wants Mandaar to get bail then she will have to stay with him in Khanna house and also work in his restaurant.

And guess what? Mehek will accept his condition.

Will this lead to the two of them coming together?


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